Rainbow Six Siege: Year 4 S1 Delta Analysis



Thu 9th May 2019 - 7:25pm

For the uninitiated, every mid-season patch that Ubisoft releases come with a pair of graphs (love me a good graph) depicting not only pick rate of each operator but their win rate delta as well. To summarise, those with 0.00% win delta average a 50% win rate overall. This article will be breaking down some of the highlights of this data, as well as discussing some tips and tricks for operators mentioned. While the data showcases PC players of Platinum and Diamond rank exclusively, lower ranked players may still find this useful to get a feel for what higher ranked players are finding success with.


Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Finka’s improved ability as a skirmisher launches her into the higher echelons of the delta. Not only are both her primary weapons viable choices in the right hands, but when you also factor in her frag grenades and ability to buff herself and teammates across the entire map, there’s no denying she’s a force to reckoned with. As Finka, you don’t want to be selfish with her gadget. If you hear a teammate in a gunfight, use a charge. The twenty added health and decreased recoil you provide is more than enough to aid them in combat. One thing worth mentioning is that her gadget can also revive downed teammates, albeit with less health than a standard revive.

Twitch has finally overtaken Ash in terms of pick rate, most likely due to Ash’s most recent changes. She was second for so long for a reason though. Her shock drone is one of the most versatile gadgets in the game, capable of destroying enemy gadgets and damaging the enemy team if necessary. Through you should be prioritising gadgets, ten damage is nothing to laugh at, especially if you manage to hit the same person more than once. Her F2 assault rifle has been one of the strongest weapons in the game since release, with an extremely easy to manage recoil pattern and fast rate of fire.

Despite the removal of Ash’s ACOG sight on the R4-C assault rifle, she remains as one of the top picks for attackers. With her breaching rounds and flash grenades, she is still one of the most effective rushers and aggressive picks for attackers. Most people will know how to use Ash, you run in, abuse her high movement speed and tiny frame to make the enemy team scream “Ash has no hitbox” on comms and light them up with a gun that has solid damage with controllable recoil.

Glaz is an operator that rewards precise aiming more than any other operator on either side. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that he sports the second highest win rate for Platinum and Diamond players. His ability to hold an angle is unparalleled if you can aim well. But practice makes perfect and, if you want to pick him up, the trick behind his success is the way in which you use smoke grenades (the only real choice of utility gadgets for him.) You want to be disruptive, opt to throw them in long and important corridors for the defending team. However, just because people can’t see you, doesn’t mean they won’t try to shoot through the smoke cloud for a cheeky headshot. It also notifies all enemies of your location if they are communicating well, so you want to be careful and patient, like a sniper.

Jackal’s position as the attacking operator with the lowest win rate came as a surprise to me. I always felt that I would do some good work for the team whenever I chose him, providing moderate intel regarding roaming defenders to my team at minimal cost to me. Then I checked my stats and realised I was probably looking for footprints more than frags. Not only that, but both his primaries feel difficult to manage with compared to safer guns to use, like the aforementioned R4-C and F2. Unless you thrive on the support playstyle that Jackal provides then he’s probably worth a miss, else you might feel disappointed.


Image courtesy of Ubisoft

has the top win rate delta for defenders despite her below average pick rate. This may work to her advantage; the best Frost is a hidden one. If you can manage not being discovered during the preparation phase and place your welcome mats in some unexpected places (i.e. not exclusively next to windows) then you can get some cheap and easy injures. Her 9mm C1 has solid damage with almost zero recoil and her Super 90 shotgun is a good choice for a primary also, it just depends on your playstyle.

Echo is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. His average statistics are a testament to the necessary skill to utilise him properly. He’s a great operator to add to your roster if you’re looking to master that anchor playstyle. Using either of his primary weapons can be effective, but it’s important to micromanage the Yokai drones during the round. The aim for Echo is to spend most of your time on cameras, providing intel for your team. You want your drones to survey different corridors/rooms, preferably near the site. Plant yourself behind a deployable shield (either yours or a teammates) and get to work, flickering between all cams and providing intel to your team while disorienting your enemies.

Jäger, since release, has maintained the highest pick rate across all defensive operators, despite the removal of his ACOG sight almost two years ago. The reason for this, I’d argue, is that he is the most versatile operator in the game on either roster. His ADSs are the only gadget of its kind, able to disable enemy projectiles mid-air before they have any effect. This coupled with the powerful 416-C Carbine marks him as a disruptive force, and that’s without taking his shield or barbed wire into account. His only weaknesses feel like a manic prep phase (which is mitigated by his top speed rating) and his infamous giant head. But the pros far outweigh the cons, and you should probably always have him on your team.

Clash, Castle and Tachanka have never been in a strong position, and it’s probably best to keep away from these operators until some well-needed buffs or reworks are applied to them. All three operators have specialisations can be swiftly dealt with via explosives. Castle in particular feels useless if the enemy team includes Ash, the attacking operator with approximate 50% pick rate. Tachanka’s guns are at least useful and Clash can shield herself from oncoming fire, but despite this all three underperform too much to be considered an effective pick in ranked. That’s not to say you should disregard them entirely though, they are fun casual pick ups and, if you are finding success, then you can experiment in ranked. I myself have a 1.9 win ratio with Clash, and use her on specific sites to moderate success.

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