Tip Genius Powered by Overwolf: the newest way to improve your game in CSGO



Wed 22nd Jul 2020 - 7:15pm

Everyone wants to improve at the game, but few of us have the time to look at multiple long videos showing us the same tips over and over again in search of that one tip you haven't seen before. However, with Overwolf's newest CS:GO application the days of stagnation are over. Ben Mesnik created 'Tip Genius', a new application powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes where and how you died in a given round, and searches its database to present a suitable tip fitting to your scenario. 

First off, a word of warning. At the time this article was written, the 'Tip Genius' app was still perfectly in line with Valve's guidelines and would not get you banned. I do not expect this to change in the foreseeable future. However, the new beta-build of CS:GO provides for a new anti-cheat system that bans more types of software. The creator of 'Tip Genius' has confirmed that any application is thoroughly vetted by both Overwolf and Valve before it is made available and thus you should never run into an issue with Steam's anti-cheat software. However, it is never a bad idea to check the status of applications before installing them and I would urge you to do so when installing this one too. Moreover, it is not clear whether this type of software is accepted on platforms such as FaceIt and ESEA.

Installing Tip Genius

Installing the software is very straightforward. As 'Tip Genius' relies on Overwolf to run, you have to install that software first. You can find the download link in the upper-right corner on the Overwolf website. Once done, navigate to Tip Genius' page either in the Overwolf application or on its website. After Overwolf has installed the app, you're good to go! You can just start the game and Tip Genius will activate in-game when needed. 

So, How Does It Work?

Tip Genius analyzes the scenario in which you died. It checks what position you were holding or pushing, whether you used utility, and many other factors. Then, it searches its database for the most applicable tip that might have changed the outcome of your scenario had you thought about it. For example, it might suggesting jump peeking or throwing a grenade in a specific way. Its users can also add their own tips, although it is not clear how those tips will be evaluated. 

Once the artificial intelligence has determined the advice most helpful to your situation, it will offer you the possibility to display it after your death or once the round has ended. Every tip consists of a short video showing what you should have done, with a small text describing how that could have changed the course of events. 

This software is very useful for players of all skill levels and I even believe this a much more efficient way to improve at the game than reading or watching long guides. Due to the fact that you receive instantaneous feedback, you are forced to think about exactly what went wrong and how things might have gone differently had you used the tip as proposed by Tip Genius. Moreover, instead of watching guides with general tips that might not cater to your specific playstyle, Tip Genius offers advice for the exact situation you were in.

Consequently, through short clips and targeted advice, you should improve much faster an efficiently than by reading general advice. Of course, be careful not to fall into the trap of predictability by trying the same things over and over again every round to try the tips you were given. Instead, try to remember it and use that tip in a later round.