Laning Vs Team Fighting In HOTS



Sun 7th Dec 2014 - 5:04pm

There are several different maps to play in Heroes of the Storm. Some have three lanes, like Dragon Shire and Blackheart's Bay, others have two lanes like Haunted Mines, all of them have different objectives. For this example I'm going refer to Dragon Shire as the map we're playing on. It being a new game, still in it's alpha stages and with new heroes to pick and choose from, it can be difficult knowing what to do and where to go. But this should be a basic starting point to help you and your team win games and level up.

Having at least one person in each lane is far more important than setting up team fights. Experience in Heroes is global so you need to think about the team as a whole not just yourself. A team fight can pretty obviously go one of three ways, you get some kills and a small amount of experience, they get some kills and a small amount of experience or you dance around for several minutes doing poke damage and not a lot else.

However, you will get far more experience if you have at least one person in each lane. You can just sit there farming it up and laugh as you gain a level advantage. Gaining a level advantage or two can mean all the difference when it comes down to team fighting or duking it out with your laning opponent which is bound to happen on this map when the shrines activate.

When the shrines become active you will already have at least one person there ready to capture or contest it. The hero in the mid lane will then have to keep an eye on what is happening at the two shrines, if you hold them both they can then unleash the Dragon Knight, or if the enemy team holds them both they can stop the enemy mid laner from gaining the Dragon Knight. Let's say you've worked well as a team, you managed to capture both of the shrines and the mid laner quickly unleashed the Dragon Knight. This is the point where you group up. All mid and push. The Dragon Knight is an almighty pushing siege machine that can smash down enemy forts very quickly.

So, push as far as you can and keep your Dragon Knight alive for as long as you can, once they have returned to their normal hero state you can then quickly capture some mercenary camps as a team to keep up the pressure and then return to lane. You shouldn't have lost out on much experience by grouping to push because the Dragon Knight is so much of a threat that the enemy team will have been forced to come and defend.

Once you've returned to lane rinse and repeat. Obviously the objectives vary from map to map but the initial idea is the same, stay in lane and get as much experience as possible until a key objective appears and then as a team you must force the objective. It is vital to listen and communicate with your team and make sure that everyone knows what they should be doing. Even when you're going solo and don't have much of a team composition try to match lanes.

For example if you have a support character try to match them with a damage carry or someone without much mobility such as Sgt Hammer. Most of all though, remember that going off and doing your own thing won't win you the game, you can't snowball your hero, work with the team and you'll have a much higher chance of winning!