How to Prioritize Objectives in Heroes of the Storm



Mon 12th Jan 2015 - 6:01pm

As Heroes of the Storm continues to grow in community and popularity, and as Heroes enters its closed beta, taking a look at the value of the objectives on the map has become more and more necessary. As an overview in any match there’s killing the core, pushing a lane, taking a map based objective, taking mercenaries, and farming lane experience. In an objective based game it is important that objectives are taken at proper times to create maximum gain.

At any given point in a match if one can get damage in on the core and end the game do so. Ending a match with a victory is the final goal for any match at any point. If a team can group up and push a lane to safely to secure that victory do so, without regret.

Victory is often difficult to secure in this fashion until the later stages of a Heroes match. However what is just as important in the earlier stages of a match is reaching level ten before the enemy team. Reaching level ten gives a team their added ultimate ability, which gives complete control of the resulting team fights. This usually means a free map based objective and quite a few kills on the enemy team. The way to achieve this, is to farm lane experience as much as you can (without ignoring objectives) from every lane possible. This allows you to reap as much experience as possible, and if the enemy is focused more on ganking or taking mercenary camps and they then start missing out on levels and then talents in the early game.

Map based objectives can be broken into two types of objectives. Direct pushing objectives and objectives that assist in pushing. To be specific there are objective such as the Grave Golem, Dragon Knight, and the Garden Terror. These objectives can be garnered and used to directly push down a lane and damage enemy walls, turrets, and forts. The other type of objectives are ones that are gathered which allow damage to be easily done to such structures such as The Curse of the Raven Lord and Blackhearts Bombardment.

Through out a match the pushing objective takes immediate priority over gaining lane experience. The reason being that these objectives come at specific times and end with at least one team spawning a giant pushing machine. These objective not only have the ability to create an early advantage but also turn a behind game into a solid victory with a well planned domination (all kill). Gathering Skulls, Getting Shrines, and Seeds take a rather large priority and often grant a decent amount of experience as well. Not diverting away from farming a lane to acquire these is equivalent to shooting one’s self in the foot, especially since destroyed walls and forts give significant experience gains.

Raven Lord Tribute

The other type of map based objectives are the gathered ones. Assist in the destruction of walls and forts. These share priority with gathering experience to level ten, this is because it takes a certain amount of a “currency” such as coins or tributes to get the advantage. These objectives are weaker than the others because they rarely have the power to turn the tide of a match and because of the require build up time to achieve them. That being said these shouldn’t be ignored especially the Raven Lord’s Curse because it allows everything but the core to be pushed at no ammo. However one can miss one or two tributes if the resulting team fight doesn’t seem as though it would be worth because it takes three tributes before your team suffers any huge consequences.

Lastly is the mercenary camps, which don’t necessarily take lowest priority but do take strategic priority. Mercenary camps should be taken when it is most advantageous to do so. Mercenaries spawn in lanes and give a bonus to pushing the lanes, however they can also force the enemy into a defensive position especially if a Boss or Bruiser camp has been taken. While siege camps are good at just that, taking down walls and forts from a safe distance. The importance here is to use the mercenaries to their biggest advantage to help win the match.

Bruiser Mercs

Overall, the importance of objectives goes as such: Kill the core, getting experience to level ten, securing a pushing objective, securing a gathered objective, and securing mercenaries as optimal. Naturally every match of Heroes of the Storm is different and evolves as it goes on, but this is a general guide that should help one prioritize their matches.