Interview with Hodsic from the Pittsburgh Knights on Season 2!



Fri 2nd Aug 2019 - 2:35pm

Apex Legends' much awaited Season 2 is here! Players are smashing through the new and improved Battle Pass, and gathering their teams for a push to reach the coveted Apex Predator rank in the new Ranked Mode. Today we sat down with Pittsburgh Knight Haris "Hodsic" Hodzic to talk about his thoughts on Season 2. 

Do you mind telling us how you became a member of the Pittsburgh Knights?

Hodsic: Early on in Apex, I got off to a pretty hot start. I held an early squad kill record for a little while and also got pretty far in KingRichard's Twitch Rivals tryout for the first tournament and playing well in Apex.Pro Discord league matches. This garnered attention from someone I used to compete against in Realm Royale, who started working for the Pittsburgh Knights, and he threw my name to them which put me on their radar!

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Hodsic: I typically flex for my team. Past couple months has been Lifeline/Bangalore. Since season 2, I'm the resident Wattson player. She's not my preferred playstyle, but I actually love her character design and think she's a really cool and different addition to a character-based game.

Season 2 has been out for a few weeks now. What are your thoughts on the season up to this point?

Hodsic: Absolutely in love with it. One of my biggest fears of signing to an org was the future of the game itself more than anything. I think they did EXACTLY what they needed to do. It has its bugs/issues, but content-wise this season is perfect.

Watson is the newest legend added at the launch of Season 2. Have you tried playing as her and what are your thoughts on the character (this includes any nerfs or buffs you’d see fit)?

Hodsic: Yes, basically main her. I think she's relatively balanced, would love to see a lot of the bugs associated with her ironed out though. There seems to be issues when lots of Wattson stuff is down in a particular vicinity.

Data miners have been digging up what may be coming to Apex in updates including rocket launchers, traps and a portable respawn beacon. Do you think these inclusions would be a good fit for the game?

Hodsic: It's hard to tell on paper, usually these things depend on how they actually function. I personally would prefer rocket launchers or any low-skill ceiling mechanics not be put into the game. However, I'm definitely up for things that change up the way the game's played. Portable respawn beacon seems really cool.

Leaks seem to point towards a new legend being added by the name of Crypto. During the animated Season 2 trailer, an unknown figure is shown on a laptop activating an EMP, which leads many to believe that Crypto could have an ability like that. If this character is added and has said ability, do you think it’ll impact other players ultimates and/or other abilities?

Hodsic: Yeah, a lot of people are already speculating he'll be a direct counter to Wattson and all her traps. I have also seen that he has a datamined Genji-type deflect which should be interesting.

Ranked mode is finally here and the system seems to be doing pretty well despite criticism on the values of kills and players wanting value for revives. What do you think about the mode at this point and do you see room for improvement, if any?

Hodsic: Ranked has been some of the most fun I've ever had in a BR. I think the point system is actually pretty decent. My biggest gripe though is the inability to lose major rank tiers. I don't think if you hit any tier you shouldn't be able to de-rank. Also an actual live leaderboard would make it even better than it is. Not much to grind for at Apex Predator if you can't reliably see who's at how many points.

Congratulations on reaching the Apex Predator rank. For our readers out there who are interested in Ranked or are already grinding to the top, do you have any tips on how to maximize your score in order to make the journey to the top easier?

Hodsic: Absolutely, the biggest one I'd recommend is really working on/mastering your jump from the plane. I see so many teams force 50/50s at the start and it's a really bad playstyle which will stifle your ranking (forcing a landing in a place with another team). Isolate a part of the map for your team and plan loot routes with what's available. If you maximize loot, you'll maximize your chances at winning. Also don't be gung-ho for third parties, because everyone wants to do the same thing. Play smart and take smart isolated fights. Also, take note on where teams drop, information on where other teams are is incredibly important for planning loot/rotations. Lastly, most end-circle locations are fixed with very slight variation. Try to start learning their locations and how to read the circles. This will help you massively with rotations.

Looking to the future, the next generation of consoles will be upon us very soon. Do you foresee Apex Legends making the jump to the next platforms for console users?

Hodsic: I certainly hope so! I want as many people playing as possible. I'm sure we'll see it on there.

You’re in charge of Apex Legends Season 3 development. What theme would you run and what would be the changes you make to the current game?

Hodsic: I personally would love to see some sort of bizarre environmental disaster where a portion of the map turns snowy. I'm a sucker for snowy aesthetics. In terms of gameplay changes, I'd first and foremost try to tackle all of the bad bugs that plague the game and make it just feel overall better to play. I would also try to release some type of solos mode. I've seen a copule ideas which seem really neat. One of my favorites was everyone's a default Titanfall pilot, wall-running and everything, just no abilities like in the standard mode we have now. I think solos or a duos mode would bring this game an insane amount of players. Most complaints are not everyone has a 3 stack!

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?

Hodsic: Nerf disruptors.

We'd like to thank Hodsic for taking the time to talk Apex Legends with us! Be sure to follow him and the Pittsburgh Knights' journey to the top and their continued success on and off the gaming scene.

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