LEC Playoffs G2 vs. Origen Analysis and Prediction



Fri 5th Apr 2019 - 7:32pm


As the LEC playoffs began this past weekend, we saw Fnatic continue their miracle comeback story, where they went from the bottom half of the league to an eight game win streak that propelled them to the playoffs and made teams realize that Fnatic is back. After defeating Vitality is a dominant fashion, Fnatic has shown they can be the best team, and they might be able to do it. Fnatic faces Splyce in their next playoff series who are fresh off of a good showing against SK. The winner of this game plays the winner of the highly anticipated G2 vs Origen matchup.

G2 Esports

G2 has dominated the league since Week 1 and have rarely shown signs of weakness. They have slipped up slightly in the last weeks of the LEC, with support Mikyx electing to sit out the last few games with a wrist injury, using this long break to rest and heal up before their first playoff series. Despite slipping up in the end of the split, G2 looked like the clear-cut best team in the LEC. Starting the split with a 9-0 record and slamming all of their opponents, no one was able to match G2. The sheer aggression and pressure that G2 institutes in their games was dominant. They obtained their leads and snowballed them hard. Caps was firing on all cylinders this entire split, taking over for Perkz who has switched to ADC, Caps has shown he should be mentioned with the world’s best.

The only thing that can hinder G2's success right now is Mikyx's injury. Without Mikyx, G2 didn’t look like the team that dominated the split early. With Mikyx, they can win against any team. G2 can claim the throne and with a team this talented, they can hold it for both splits.

Origen Gaming

When does Origen play? They play in the LEC playoffs, April 6th, for a spot in the finals after not being in the league since 2017. After starting the split with one win in five games, Origen looked doomed to a bottom of the table finish. Origen picked up the speed and didn’t let their fans down. The team finished the split with 12 wins and 6 losses, ending up behind G2 by one loss. The resurgence of Nukeduck has been the story of Origen this season. Nukeduck has played a big role in getting wins for the team, with help from top laner Alphari and ADC Patrik. Patrik has the second highest kill participation and third highest KDA among ADCs and has been performing well in recent games. When this team is all on the same page, and Nukeduck is ahead, they are an unstoppable force. Origen looks to reclaim the glory of Origen’s past and add to their legacy in League of Legends.

G2’s Win Conditions

G2 is the favorite to win this series, but honestly anyone can take this series. G2 has been stumbling and Origen has been on point. For G2 to secure their spot in the first LEC finals, they need to do the following:

  • Mikyx has to play this series
  • Caps needs to get leads over Nukeduck
  • Jankos helps Caps or Perkz obtain leads

Mikyx has to play this playoff series against Origen. G2 with Promisq isn’t the G2 we saw earlier this split, and that G2 play is what will be needed to take the series over Origen. G2 also needs to put Caps on a winning matchup against Nukeduck. If Caps gets behind and Nukeduck snowballs, then the game will be lost for G2. Also, Jankos needs to help Caps or Perkz get an advantage over their laners. G2 the stronger bot lane with Mikyx and putting these resources in Perkz can allow them to play through him and win teamfights based on what champion he is put on. If G2 can execute these conditions, then they will be in the finals.

Origen’s Win Conditions

Origen is playing the underdog role in this matchup. They are not the favorites and have to execute a few strategies and conditions to win this series.

  • Get Nukeduck on a carry/high DPS mid laner
  • Get Nukeduck ahead and let him snowball
  • Play as a team, stay on the same page and execute plays
  • Don’t give G2 any leads to snowball

Origen’s best way to win games is to focus resources on Nukeduck and get him ahead. When placed on a carry, he can carry Origen to the finals and an LEC title. Origen also has to communicate and play as a team. If they can execute ganks on the bot lane and mid, and use those successes to get objectives and snowball, then they can defeat G2. In contrast, don’t let G2 get any leads and snowball. G2 is known abusing their leads and being aggressive. If Origen can deny those leads, then this series is in their grasps.


G2 is the best team in the league, but it is a close race with Origen. This can easily be G2’s series, but Origen has shown they can beat them. This series really comes down to the health of Mikyx. If he is in the G2 lineup then they can beat Origen. Even with Mikyx healthy, Origen still has a chance, it all comes down to winning the mid lane. After watching both teams all split, this series is difficult to predict, but here it is. G2 with Mikyx will win this series 3-2, I believe Mikyx is the missing piece to G2’s Exodia, with him they are dominant. Without Mikyx, I believe Origen can play spoiler and take the series 3-2. We will find out April 6th as the two face off for a berth in the LEC Finals.