Win Lane, Win Game - Strong Combos in the Bot Lane



Wed 14th Aug 2019 - 8:18pm

With Season 9 in full force, the bot lane can seem a bit scrambled at the moment with hundreds of different ways it can be played. Regardless, there is still one sure fire way to find success down there and that is through the power of synergizing champions. With how diverse champions are, the possible combos to choose from endless. Every champion seems to have someone they go well with, almost like they were designed to be played together. The tricky part is trying to find those ideal combos, and to avoid champions who are polar opposites. Finding these combos are crucial to having consistent success in a lane that receives constant criticism of being the weakest this season. So, let’s show how powerful bot lane can be and break down the overpowered combos of Season 9.

Ezreal and Yuumi

Combining an old classic with one of the newest champions, Ezreal and Yuumi bring consistent damage and sustain throughout the entire game. Both champions are extremely strong in this meta as individuals with overwhelming dominance and safety as the theme.

The kits Ezreal and Yuumi have are based around consistent, scaling, poke that can be done from a safe distance. Ezreal’s Q (Mystic Shot) and W (Essence Flux) are his skillshots and main form of damage that create a sort of “bullet hell” in lane since they are spells with low cooldowns. With the constant rain of skillshots Ezreal provides, Yuumi can make them easier to hit with her Q (Prowling Projectile) which slows the target while dealing a good amount of damage. 

All of this poke is low-risk/high-reward due to how safe both of these champions can play. Both champions here have very low defensive stats, so of course their combined kits will provide means of escape and sustain. Ezreal has a built in second Flash with his E (Arcane Shift) making him extremely mobile while Yuumi can attach to her allies giving them Adaptive Force and become untargetable to everything except turrets with her W (You and Me!). Then to top it all off, Yuumi can use her E (Zoomies) which heals and gives Movement Speed to anyone she is using her W on.

Ezreal and Yuumi have so much to bring to the table but what makes them a truly powerful combo is their ultimates. These two abilities complement each other so well and makes quick work of multiple targets. Ezreal’s R (Trueshot Barrage) shoots a blast of energy that deals tons of damage to everything it passes through. Yuumi’s R (Final Chapter) fires 7 waves of damage that roots anyone hit by them 3 or more times. Locking down the enemies with Yuumi’s R will create the perfect set up for Ezreal to fire his R and devastate the targets.

When it comes to what Summoner Spells and Runes to take with these champions, it's pretty straightforward. Make sure to run Flash/Teleport with Ezreal since Yuumi can travel with you everywhere and make up for the lack of not having Heal with her E. Yuumi should have either Exhaust or Heal and Ignite. Don’t take Flash on Yuumi since you will be using her W and you’ll die before you could even use it if the worst-case scenario happens. Runes are pretty straight forward for both, make sure you run Kleptomancy for Ezreal's gold income and Summon Aery for Yuumi poke and extra power on healing. With that all in mind you are ready to tryout Ezreal and Yuumi and the non stop damage that comes from it.

Jinx and Lux

Two of the League’s most well-known champions make one of the deadliest combinations in the game, Jinx and Lux. The range on these two champions is almost limitless and the damage is off the charts.

Much like Ezreal and Yuumi, Jinx and Lux bring a lot to the table when it comes to poke. The big difference between them is that they throw safety out the window and choose a full-blown aggressive lane that can snowball into and unstoppable force. Lux starts everything off with her Q (Light Binding) that shoots a skillshot that snares the target so Jinx can combo with her E (Flame Chompers!) and W (Zap!) to chain CC and delete health bars. They also have consistent Area of Effect spells such as Jinx’s Q (Switcheroo/Fishbones) and Lux’s E (Lucent Singularity). Once you get a kill, you activate Jinx’s passive (Get Excited!) where she gets a ton of Movement Speed and Attack Speed so she can run down whoever is left while Lux grants shields from a distance using her W (Prismatic Barrier).

The Ultimates Jinx and Lux bring to the table bring their already long range to a whole new level. Tons of damage is the theme to both spells with Jinx’s R (Super Mega Death Rocket!) fires a global range rocket that blows up the area around the target hit and gains damage the further it travels while Lux’s R (Final Spark) fires a laser that damage anything caught in the beam. Combo these abilities to pick up easy kills from near any distance. 

Summoner Spells will be the standard Flash/Heal for Jinx and Flash/Ignite for Lux. Both champions will be played really aggressive so there’s no need for Exhaust and Teleport. Runes will have you getting Lethal Tempo for more Attack Speed or Fleet Footwork for more sustain and Movement Speed for Jinx. For Lux, you will want to bring Aftershock since she can activate it easily through her Q and gives valuable defensive stats, Arcane Comet for strong poke, or Summon Aery for poke and stronger shields. This combo will put you in more danger since there isn’t too much of an escape once you start fighting but the damage output should be enough to make up for that.

Sivir and Nautilus 

This combo has a little taste of everything from poke abilities to all in engage. Probably the most well-balanced on this list, Sivir and Nautilus have the perfect amount of damage, CC, and utility to make them an extremely dominant duo.

Both champions are pretty easy to understand and execute with their abilities and how to play them. Have Nautilus land his Q (Dredge Line) to hook a target and auto attack them with his Passive (Staggering Blow) to lock them down and use the rest of his abilities to keep them in place. That will give Sivir the perfect amount of time to deal the maximum amount of damage with her Q (Boomerang Blade). These champions are also really good at getting out of danger with all the CC and tankiness Nautilus has and Sivir’s E (Spell Shield) that keeps her immune to any one spell so save that for anyone with hard CC like a stun or knock up. You can also play this combo really well from behind as it only takes a single hook from Nautilus to get things going so make sure you can hit them.

Their Ultimates make fighting super fun and can turn any bad scenario around in your team's favor. You straight up run the enemy down by using Sivir’s R (On the Hunt) to boost your allies' Movement Speed and Nautilus’ R (Depth Charge) fires a shockwave on the ground to an enemy that knocks them up and anything in its path. This combo can create so many plays not just in lane but all throughout the game, so picking up these two champions can pay off big time in the long run.

For Summoner Spells you have a bit more variety with these champions since you can play aggressive early or farm for late. Take Flash/Heal or Teleport for Sivir since she can be useful for split pushing late game. Take Flash/Ignite or Exhaust for Nautilus since he will be trying to either catching out carries or peeling for his own. For Runes you will always want to take Lethal Tempo for Sivir since her W (Ricochet) and R benefit from it and Aftershock for Nautilus since he will be up in enemy's face and tanking a lot of damage. 


These are just three of many combos to choose from but they are a lot of fun and easy to execute.They have the potential to not just win lane but carry the whole game.Try them out and see what works for you so you can see that bot lane win rate skyrocket. 

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