Where To Place Your Wards: A Mid Game Vision Guide



Tue 30th Jun 2020 - 11:08pm

Are you unsure on where to ward during the mid game after the laning phase? If so, this is the perfect guide for you. In this guide, I will explain where to ward during the mid game to better control objectives. To make this guide simple and easy to follow, I'm going to assume that you are on the blue side of the map and that all three outer turrets are down. 

Sieging Tier 2 Bot Tower

When sieging Bottom Tier 2 Tower you should place your wards like this. The reason for the ward at the top of the image is because it provides you vision when the enemy team is coming directly from the base to stop the siege and it allows you to have more time to react and decide to back off or to keep sieging. The ward placed near the top wall of the Blue buff gives you information about 3 different paths the enemy might take to contest the objective but the last ward placed on the left in the bush near the mid lane is even more important because it gives you more time to react and without it you might get caught off-guard.

Sieging Tier 2 Mid Tower

While talking about how to set up the vision when sieging the Mid Tier 2 Tower, we have two setups depending on which side of the map you want to play. Keep in mind these examples when you are playing Engage Supports or a champion that has an hook in their kit like Thresh and Blitzcrank. The two wards into the red frames represents the two different scenarios. If you want to play from the Top side of the map you'll place your ward into the bush at the entrance of the jungle in order to see the enemies that come directly from the base so it is easier to engage onto them if you are playing one of the champs I said before. The same thing for the other side of the map but you'll place the ward near the wall just outside the tower range. The other two wards are standard and they will spot the enemies that will try to flank you. Sometimes ask your teammates to place at least one of these wards because you might need to use one of yours in the river to see if the enemy Top or Mid laner tries to come flank your team from behind and not from the sides.

Sieging Tier 2 Top Tower


The next scenario is when you want to take down the Top Tier 2 Tower. When sieging the top tower you will definitely want to place your three wards between the two enemy towers, in the bush in front of the Red Buff and into the bush at the entrance of the Jungle from Mid lane. There is a fourth optional ward which is the one in the bush between the Red buff and the Krugs. You need this ward when the enemy team has champions like Lee Sin and Zac or champions that are good at flanking. Why is that situational? Because since you have the ward in bush near mid lane, you will spot the enemies that will take that path and it's clear that they are trying to catch you off-guard. Another important thing to notice in the picture is the ward that I chose to have as half a normal trinket and half as control ward. I recommend you to place a control ward there if you have one in your inventory especially if you are playing a Hook champion as the ones I mentioned before because the enemies might ward the zone behind the wall if they are under their tower in order to see if you are trying to land a skillshot onto them and with that control ward you will clear their vision easier.


When drake spawns, the spots that you want warded are most likely these ones. Beginning on the left, you want to place a ward near their tower (remember: at the beginning of the article I said that in this guide I'll assume that all the three outer turrets are destroyed) because, before going to the drake area, your teammates will take the priority in the mid lane by pushing as much as they can and when the enemies will clear your minion wave you can see them when they are doing it, if they are doing it and which path they take to come to contest the objective. The second ward gives basically the same information as the first one, the only thing that changes is the fact that it tells you with certainty whether they are coming from the entrance of river in the mid lane or from the jungle; both wards give you enough time to react.

The last ward is placed in the bush near the Blue buff and the only information that gives you is if the enemies are coming from the bot lane and will most likely come right behind your team when doing drake. There is also the tri-bush in bottom right corner of the picture that can be warded but it is not essential since the enemy team will not come from that path most likely.


The last scenario that I'll be covering in the guide is the most important buff in the game, Baron Nashor. There is not too much to explain for these wards. They basically provide you all the vision you need to do safely the Baron as they cover every possible path the enemies might come from. Keep in mind that the ward in tri-bush of the top lane is very important against champions like Lee Sin as they might throw their Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike into the pit and steal it and immediately run away with their ward jump. Remember to always place a Control Ward into the pit to stop the enemies from placing their wards. If one of these wards (but not the control ward) is already placed by any of your teammates, use one of yours into the mid lane near the tower like the one I showed you when you want to take the Drake; it is a very effective ward that gives you a lot of information and also one of my favourite to place.

Before concluding this guide I would like to give you one last tip. Let's assume that the Baron (or Drake) is spawning in 1 minute. You want to place your wards in this moment and immediately reset to get your charges back because the enemy might come into the area and clear your vision and without going back, you won't be able to place another ward and always remember to rotate vision which means that when you are done with the objective you are playing for and you are rotating to the next one don't wait for you current trinkets on the map to expire, go back to your base to get the charges refilled and place the new wards instead.