An Overview of The Best Champions for Beginners in League of Legends



Fri 26th Jun 2020 - 7:24pm

With 148 champions and counting to play in League of Legends, with about 20-30 champions per position, it can be stressful for a new player looking to join the rift to find the right champion to begin with. There are many champions, each with their own unique playstyle. Some that have a lower skill cap and others that have a high skill cap. Today, I am going to help all you new players out and will be highlighting some of the easier champions to play in each position when you first log into League of Legends.

Top Lane


Spin to win is the name of the game for this champion. All jokes aside, Garen is one of first champions most League players play when they first start the game. While mostly put on the chopping block by higher elo players, for beginners, he is their bread and butter. His passive gives him healing every few seconds he does not take damage from enemy champions, which gives new players a sense of forgiveness if they stray to far ahead into battle. What makes him deadly, however, is his Q and E combo, which silences enemy champions, leaving them vulnerable and free to deal damage on without much resistance.

When paired with the Conqueror rune, he can deal huge damage, as with each spin from his E gives Conqueror a stack. Least we forget about his ultimate, which deals true damage and can wipe out low health targets with ease. Finally, his tankiness can make wiping him out very difficult and with the right build, killing this Demacian Crown Guard is all but impossible. With strong damage potential and tank potential, Garen is the one of the best champions for new players to pick up and begin their journey on the rift.


This champion may look cute with his jackal head, but make no mistake, he can be a split-pushing nightmare if left alone and a team fight menace if together. Nasus’ ability to carry thanks to his stacking Q, Siphoning Strike, makes him a threat that you cannot face alone. His other abilities ensure that, with his W, Wither, slowing champions down so he can rush on over and slam a Q onto them and his E, Spirit Fire, with reduces armor for whichever champion is in that area of effect.

Furthermore, because he can stack and scale with his Q, he can more so focus on building items needed to make him almost unkillable. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, helps in keeping him alive also, as it increases his health and grants him additional armor and magic resist. Not to mention that it also gives him increased attack range and a reduced cooldown on his Q. He can become your best friend in the top lane and in the match if you choose to make top lane your home.


Master Yi

One of the most recognizable junglers in the game, Master Yi is the perfect jungler for new champions to pick up. Unlike some other junglers which require skill shots and somewhat complicated abilities to clear camps and gank, Yi can simply auto attack and use his Q, Alpha Strike to deal quick damage to jungle camps and champions too if needed. This type of playstyle is encouraged with Yi through is passive and other abilities.

His passive grants him a second strike to his basic attack, meaning that he can swing his sword twice in one auto attack, his E, Wuju Style, gives him true damage on auto attacks and his ultimate, Highlander, gives him a boost of movement speed and attack speed, also making him immune to any slowing effects and on top of that, every kill or assist he receives while his ultimate is active, extends it. This is the perfect champion for anyone wanting to start of their time in the jungle easy to learn the ropes.


One of my personal favorite junglers when I started playing League myself, Shyvana is a unique jungler, because of both her passive and her ultimate. Her passive, Fury of the Dragonborn, gives her bonus damage against dragons, which is now more important then ever in a match on Summoner’s Rift. It also grants her more armor and magic resist the more dragons your team slays.

Her ultimate also is unique, as it transforms her into a dragon and gives her heighted abilities. She is also one of the more flexible champions build wise. For example, you can build her to be a tanky frontline if that is something your team lacks, but she can also be a damage dealing monster with just a simple rune change.



Don’t let her innocence fool you, Annie is a menace out on the rift. What makes her so deadly is that her kit is one of the easiest to understand and use. She is guaranteed a stun thanks to her passive on the 5th ability used, which can set up for a devastating burst of damage with her other abilities. Her Q is a point and click which can be used for farm, since a kill on a minion refunds mana. Her W is a blast cone ability that deals a decent Area of Effect damage and her E grants her an increase in damage reduction and a burst of movement speed. Her ultimate is where she becomes very dangerous.

Once she released Tibbers, your lane becomes a lot more dangerous, especially if she drops him after a stun, as he burns enemies that a close to him and will return to Annie when too far away. So when playing Annie, it’s important to utilize her passive as much as possible, as without it, Annie would for the most part lose her ability to single target burst. Land your stuns and pick your fights wisely. You do that and you can burn any foe that stands in your way to the ground.


Talon, when in a one on one, can wreck when you play smart and just like Annie, play around your passive, Blade’s Edge. With that passive, every ability attack that lands on an enemy, stacks. When at the third stack, the next auto attack triggers a short bleeding effect on whoever is affected. The most common way to activate this passive is to first land your W, Rake. It launches daggers in an area that will return to Talon wherever he is at the point of return.

The returning blades adds an additional stack and will slow. This makes it much easier to land your Q, Noxian Diplomacy, which will add the 3rd stack and auto to trigger the passive. His E is what also makes him unique, as he can leap over any terrain and structure, which makes his ganks very lethal and very unexpected. His ultimate, Shadow Assault, will conceal him and gain movement speed while he races to a target. After he selects a target, all the blades in the ring will move to Talon and damage the enemy he attacks. With Talon, he can excel at kills and farming, thanks to his damage output, but you also need to learn execution with where and when you gank and when to activate your ultimate while you do so. Once you master that, your enemies will learn to fear what comes from the shadows.

Bot Lane


One of the most recognizable faces in the ADC role, Ashe is also one of the most consistently strong marksman in the game and one of the easiest ADC’s to pick up. Her kit is easy for a new player to understand, her passive slows, her Q boosts attack speed and turns her auto into flurry attacks, her W works similar to Talon’s cone, as she shoots out a wave of arrows that will always land a critical shot and her E lets her shoot an arrow to see a specific area of the map, which can be perfect for scouting on enemy junglers or roaming laners.

Let’s not also forget her ultimate, which is a global arrow that stuns and the duration of that stun is based off distance the arrow traveled, which can create some sick plays, even when Ashe is on the other side of the map. The important thing to note is, that with most ADC’s, she does not have any mobility, so it is key to learn where she needs to be when a team fight goes down. Other then that, take the time to learn her and you’ll be one with the Freljord.

Miss Fortune

If you want a character that will give you a simple, swashbuckling good time on the rift, then look no further then Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter of Bilgewater. A champion that you will find in most easy champions lists, Miss Fortune is not only simple, but super strong for a variety of reasons. First, her passive deals bonus damage on a new target she auto’s, so you can quickly swap between targets in order to activate the passive. Her Q, Double Tap, while daunting to master, can be an effective tool throughout the game to last hit minions and to harass opposing laners during the lane phase.

Her W is a movement speed and attack speed boost which is built around her moving around in lane when she is not attacked by an opposing laner. Her E is an area of effect move that deals damage and slows enemy caught in its circle and finally, her ultimate is unleashing waves of bullets into a large area, which has a variety of uses. But be warned, her mobility is limited and once you activate your ultimate, you cannot move or the ultimate will cancel out. So, it is important that you take the time to master placing her Q on the targets and to accurately place where you want to make it rain with your ultimate.



One of the strongest and most powerful engage supports, Leona is a staple for League supports. While she does seem challenging at first, playing her should come fairly easy because of her main engage tool, her Zenith blade. Unlike other hook, line and sinker champions like Nautilus, Thresh and Pyke, her E ignores minions and goes straight for the champion it lands on. Her other abilities make it easy for you to do your job of locking down a target in place for your champion to burst onto, with her Q being a point and clink stun, her W reducing all incoming damage and her ultimate stuns any caught in the middle and slows those outside of the center. While it does take some time to practice landing your skill shots with your E and ultimate, once those are mastered, you will make your opposing champions quake at the power of the sun.


The textbook definition of a support champion, Soraka is one of the most notorious supports in the game because of her simple, yet effective kit. She essentially gives part of her health bar to others so they can stay alive during fights, which can turn a fight against a team with her allies quickly. She also provides crowd control with her Q, which slows anyone hit and heals Soraka if it hits an enemy champion and her E, which silences anyone caught inside and if they have not left the area within a certain time period, they will be rooted and her ultimate gives everyone a portion of their health back, which can be crucial in team fights or when a fellow teammate is in a tough spot.

Where you are in a fight, keeping your eye on your health bar and the health bars on others is crucial when playing Soraka. You have to choose the perfect time to cast your ultimate, if it's too early or too late, it could spell doom in a fight. As long as you keep tabs on that, you should be soaring your team towards a victory.