Interview with Fjeldern of Third Impact!



Wed 8th Apr 2020 - 5:11pm

Apex Legends has been a polarizing game since its launch a year ago. The competitive and casual scene have gone through ups and downs that don't seem to be ending anytime soon. Today, we spoke with Markus "Fjeldern" Fjeld about topics that are bigger than the game itself, and what developer Respawn Entertainment could do to possibly improve what's going on.

How did you become a member of Third Impact?  

Fjeldern: My teammates Ballong, Forsak3n, and myself were in need of a organization to financially support us for the Pre-Season Invitational tournament in Poland. Third Impact picked us up based on our scrim results, we ended up placing 13th and continuing the partnership.

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Fjeldern: I main Wattson. The reason I main Wattson is that she is a 100% pick in the current professional meta, and I am comfortable playing around my teammates to support them in any way possible. 

Now that King’s Canyon has been in and out of the rotation, players are developing opinions on which map is better. Which one do you like better, and what would you do to improve the other? 

Fjeldern: I like World's Edge better for competitive, but I think Kings Canyon is more fun in pubs. 2x or 3x the loot on Kings Canyon, and it can be a competitive map.

Respawn discussed changes being made to the ALGS in a late fashion. The initial changes weren’t that well received but adding a prize pool seemed to work better. How do you think they could’ve handled this situation better? 

Fjeldern: I think the main thing Respawn could do better is to work closer to the professional scene. Maybe set up a professional committee with representation from respected competitive players from around the world to give feedback and work with the devs.

Cross-platform is a nice commodity gamers are getting used to with Fortnite, Warzone, and many other games having this feature. Would you see benefit in Apex following in adding cross platform or is it too late? 

Fjeldern: I 100% see Apex Legends blossoming with the addition of Cross Play.

Do you think there will ever be a multiplayer game that perfectly balances competitive play with causal play? Or if there has been one in the past, what made it work so well? 

Fjeldern: In battle royales, no. In other games, yes. I would say Counter-Strike is a good example of a game that is pretty much perfectly balanced for both casual and competitive play. 

Do you have any tips or tricks to you’d like to share with the readers who are grinding their way to Apex Predator? 

Fjeldern: My biggest tip to get better in Apex, or any game for that sake, is to analyze why you lose/die and figure out what you could've done to play out the scenario better. Other than that, it's to find regulars in the different Apex Discords to play and improve with. Nothing more frustrating than playing solo, getting teammates Bob and Jake with no mic and no synergy. 

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?  

Fjeldern: Grind never stops! Trust the process.

We'd like to thank Fjeldern for taking the time to participate in this interview. Good luck to him and his team in their future endeavors!