The Best Sova Recon Bolt Locations - 7 New Vision Spots



Thu 28th May 2020 - 6:27pm

With Valorant nearing the end of its closed beta period, lots of players are aiming to get better before the game's full release on June 2nd. One of the most important agents in the game is Sova, a bow wielding hero who specializes in reconnaissance of the enemy team. With his Recon Bolt ability, you can shoot a bolt that will grant players vision of where the opponents are in a certain area. The vision area of effect (AoE) becomes very important as it helps the defending or attacking team when preparing and executing to take control of sections on the map. His ability works by choosing how powerful the shot will be and if it will bounce 0-2 times after being shot. This allows for a plethora of vision spots for players to research and use.

I spent some time researching myself and found 7 Recon Bolt spots that could be useful in your matches which I will get into below. A full breakdown of the shots can be found below.

Spot #1- Split, A Ramp to B Lobby:

This vision spot utilizes the open sky of Split, which allows Sova to shoot his Recon Bolt across the map to B Lobby. To start you need to line yourself up on the top of the first ramp going from A Main to A Tower. You will then have to position your crosshair in between the crane and beam to be able to shoot the bolt through. This enables the defending team to know if the enemy is by B site or heading to Mid if they have Ramp/Main control. The shot is about medium difficulty, lining up the angle between the crane and beam can take time to learn, however everything else is rather straightforward. 

Spot #2 – Split, Mid Mail to B Site:

This shot uses 1 bounce to land onto B site by the wooden barrier, allowing for vision of the back of B site. It is lined up by being on the middle platform in Mail between the 2 stairs and lining up your crosshair to a noticeable white box. The bolt will then bounce off the wall and land right beside the barrier. To have it successfully land in the right spot, the power should be just above the first white line. This is a good vision spot as it lets attackers and defenders know if anyone is on the back of site without having to peek into Heaven and risking the chance of being seen or getting shot during a retake or execution onto B. The difficulty of the shot is relatively easy.

Spot #3 – Bind, A Bath to A Teleporter:

The screenshots show that this vision spot could be incredibly useful. In the middle of A Bath, there is an opening in the roof that you can shoot through. By lining yourself up 2 tiles to the right of the shower drain and firing a full power 2 bounce shot at the vent, the bolt will ricochet off it and land right in front of the Teleporter. When the bolt lands, you will have vision right outside of the Teleporter, which is beneficial to your teammates who could be coming up from A Short. The shot is easy to make too.


Spot #4 – Bind, B Window to B Elbow:

This easy Elbow shot will give vision to Elbow and some of B Halls. It involves lining yourself up next to the flower vase on the very left in Hookah. You are then able to line your crosshair up in between the corner of the tower and the curtain. By shooting a light shot (holding until you hit the first white line) you will hit the far wall of Elbow by the entrance into B Halls. It can also be bounced onto the ground if more vision into Halls if needed. It is very useful when attacking or defending onto B Site as most people will camp behind the wall in Elbow and peek after, so executing with this can give accurate information on where the enemies whereabouts are.

Spot #5 – Haven, Outside Lobby to A Site:

Using this shot will grant vision into the back of A Site. It involves getting on the bricks outside of A Lobby and lining yourself with the wooden beams on the outside of the Heaven building. By putting your cursor on the third one from the right and firing a very light shot will send the bolt over A Site and behind the boxes granting you vision under Heaven and anywhere to the right of the boxes. You will need to be standing on the first strap from the left on the bricks to make sure you are in the proper spot. If you end up in the wrong spot, the bolt will land either on the roof or above the Heaven window. When players are coming up A Long, they will then be able to know where to peek and drop smokes on, making this a very helpful and easy vision spot to learn.

Spot #6 – Haven, Garden to B Site:

The vision spot shown here grants vision into B Site and outside in Courtyard. It involves sitting on the edge of Garden and placing your crosshair up towards to pillars of the B Site building. Putting your crosshair on the fourth pillar from the left will put the bolt right to the outside of B Site. You will also need to charge the shot before the first white line to get it to work. If you want it more into the site, you can put it on 1 bounce and aim closer to the third pillar which will send it closer to the entrance from C. When executing into B Site the shot becomes effective as vision is granted in both corners that you must peek through or the left corner plus the entrance into C Site if someone is rotating in.

Spot #7- Haven, Spawn to Mid Courtyard:

The final spot I have is one from the attacking sides Spawn into Mid Courtyard. It is a hybrid shot from the sixth one, but both have their own situational uses. By standing in the right lane from Spawn you will be able to see the top of the B Site building. You will need to line your crosshair up to the middle peg under the roof (above the pillars), and fire a shot powered above the first white line with 1 bounce. This will cause it to jump off the roof into Mid, so you will get vision in the cubby outside of B and the box in Mid. Being beside the first wooden peg on the right wall will make you lined up perfectly to hit the shot.

Those are all the vision spots I have discovered from each map and I hope they help everyone in their competitive matches. I think they are all useful in their own situations and can become very beneficial to you when attempting to win key rounds in competitive games. Sova is arguably the best vision granting hero in the game, so learning his strengths can make you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.