Heating Up on Vertigo: A CSGO Molotov and Smoke Guide



Sat 8th Aug 2020 - 12:16pm

Amidst the controversy surrounding Vertigo being in the Active Duty Map Pool, it has seen numerous drastic changes. As it stands now, the B Bombsite has a number of unique features. The gap in the wall near the B Stairs has been filled back in, and replaced with a new one closer towards CT Spawn. The connection to Middle via the B-Platform presents a powerful position for Counter-Terrorists to hold from, both atop the platform and behind the sandbags on the floor.

Molotov One: B-Platform from Middle/Elevator

This first molotov negates the bottom of the B-Platform area, forcing any CT players to adjust their positioning. You'll likely want a teammate to come with you to make sure no enemies catch you by surprise. Since you have to run to throw this one, it won't always land in the exact same spot each time you throw it.

Molotov Two: B-Platform from T Spawn/Paint

The second molotov requires a very specific lineup. Make sure to stand exactly as shown and crouch before throwing. While this molotov is arguably more difficult because of the precision needed, it is much more safe to throw than the previous one, and only requires you to crouch instead of run. One risk you run is a bold CT rushing around the corner to catch you by surprise. Have a teammate accompany you. 

Molotov Three: B-Platform from Middle

The next way to accomplish essentially the same result is the easiest of them all. It requires just to press up into the corner and aim as shown. No jumping, no crouching, and no running. Unfortunately, this also comes with almost no cover. As per usual, the buddy system is your friend here. One more added benefit of this lineup is the consistency with which it spreads. This molotov covers more of the top part of the B-Platform than the other two while still forcing anyone out from behind the sandbags. 

All three of those Molotovs are going to result in almost the same thing, but it's useful to know more than one way to skin a cat. By clearing this B-Platform, you can more confidently peek CT Spawn or the A Connector. Once clearing or smoking off those angles, you're basically free to pinch the B Bombsite. This can be done by sending a few teammates up B Stairs and a couple more through Middle and over the B-Platform. 

Molotov Four: Wood/Cubby from Middle

A pesky position to clear as you run up the stairs to the B Bombsite is behind the wooden board on the right side. Counter-Terrorists can tuck away into this cubby and become quite a nuisance. The first lineup I'll show is done from Middle. Stand against the box as shown and perform a standard throw. Note the level of coverage provided in comparison with the next molotov. This one will definitely do the trick in forcing a response from any Counter-Terrorist posted there but probably won't deal loads of damage. 

Molotov Five: Wood/Cubby from Pit

This molotov has to be thrown from Pit, but does spread to cover a greater surface area of the cubby which may potentially result in more damage to the poor Counter-Terrorist who finds himself licked by the flames. Beware of grenades and molotovs raining in from CTs above. With that in mind, this lineup may be more useful than the one from Middle depending upon your situation in a given round.

Molotov Six: Catwalk from Pit

This final molotov can help negate part of the catwalk on the corner of the bombsite. If you fail to get the timing of the throw down, this molotov can fly right off the map and down to an unlucky pedestrian on the streets below. This is one that you definitely don't want to try for the first time in a real match. Just give a slight tap to your W key before releasing this one, and after a bit of practice you should be able to nail it with consistency. 

Smoke: Double Stack from Tunnels

The lone smoke this time around can be thrown from the Tunnels near Terrorist Spawn. Look up through the window-like opening and throw. There's not much room for error regarding your crosshair placement, so make sure to be precise with the lineup. The smoke will bounce once before hitting redirecting off of Double Stack. The small gap between the smoke and the wall doesn't actually allow vision completely through to see the stairs. Keeping this in mind, as long as you don't try to push through the smoke, there should be no chance of being spotted by a Counter-Terrorist from the position I show in the video. 


Hopefully these seven lineups can be useful for you and your teammates. Of course, nobody can be expected to know the perfect grenade for every situation but each match presents new opportunities to succeed. Having an expanded arsenal of utility will only help strengthen your game. If you're interested in being the savviest Terrorist on the team every time you play Vertigo, take a look at these tips for the A Bombsite. For more Dignitas content and updates, check out the #Digscord.