Rocket League: 5 Ways to Dish Out Some Quality Assists



Sat 27th Jun 2020 - 9:00am

In Rocket League, the ball has a life of its own, and it's because of this that you see a lot of awe-inspiring plays whether it's you playing or if you're watching the esports scene. And although getting goals is amazing, the importance of passing should never be overlooked. They look good for you individually and as a teammate, not to mention the fact they are quite satisfying, especially after racking up a few of them. It's easy to get them by accident but they do still count in the end. On many occasions though, players may get an assist because they were trying to score but failed so their teammate scored immediately after. 

There are ways you can get some skillful assists, however, despite the loose nature of the ball physics. And, as mentioned, it's fun and satisfying to make it happen. Great passers are what you call pure playmakers. They set up their teammates well while making themselves look good too. Again, I understand that everyone wants to score, no matter what the game is. Whether it's basketball, soccer, or "soccer" (Rocket League), every player wants to put a ball in the net. But, I'm here to tell you that passing is artistic and just as good as scoring. Here are five effective ways to get good, quality dimes. 

Passing Off the Wall 

One of the more effective ways to set up your teammates is by hitting the ball off the wall. It'll be easy for your teammates to see and knock into the goal. Think of it in some ways like a one-timer in hockey. That's a simple play where you pass it and your teammate immediately shoots it. 

It's easy to give the ball a good whack to where it hits the walls. It's just a matter of letting the opportunity come to you. Try not to force it too much. Let it play out naturally. I know that's easier said than that in a chaotic game like Rocket League, but sometimes plays can be made naturally by accident too if that makes sense. 

One thing to definitely keep in mind when making these passes is to be light with them. Having the right amount of touch is key to a successful pass off the wall. You'll get the ball in a good position for your teammate to jump up and swat the ball. Even on long-distance passes, try to go lighter and let your team eat it up. 

And remember, everyone is hungry for goals. If you give them the pass, then they will take full advantage of the situation. Unless you play with a squad, then you guys may have some strategies in place already. However, if you play solo, then just remember that. Knock the ball off the wall, and watch your team go. 

Tossing Up Lobs  

If you want to be silky smooth with your passes, one way to do that is by lobbing the ball up near the opposing goal. If you have a teammate nearby, throw it up, and let them smack it for the score. This is essentially like throwing up an alley-oop in basketball. In basketball, you'll see players toss up the ball all of the time to their team's best dunkers. 

You see this quite a bit in the Hoops game mode in Rocket League too. And with that being its own version of basketball, you can expect similar styles of play. But of course, this move can be applied to the regular pitch as well; it's just all about having the right touch. 

Touch is more critical here than any other pass you attempt to do. It's also one of the most stylish passes you make. So if swagger points is one thing you're after, then you'll appreciate the art of the alley-oop lob pass. What gives it its "cool" factor is just how clean of a play it is. 

Giving the ball a soft, buttery touch and watching your teammate slam the ball into the goal as you casually drive back to your side of the pitch is as fresh as it gets. Feel free to lightly hit off the wall too for a nice bounce pass alley-oop. It can be a very effective move, and it's fun to pull off. 

Getting Save Assists

OK, so I made up the term "save assist", but basically what this is is when you dish a long-range pass from your goal. So in many ways, it's like centering the ball. The only thing here is that you're trying to hit the ball hard enough to where your teammate can catch the pass and score.

This shot will obviously take a bit more power coming from your goal but you still have to judge it also. By hitting way too hard, you'll put it out of reach for your teammates. Passing is almost always going to be about touch. It just so happens that this particular play requires the perfect balance of power. 

In many cases, you might do it by accident. If you hit the ball out, you know that someone will try to shoot for a goal. What's nice about this play is that you can get a couple of stats on one shot. If you get the save, and hit back out for your team and they score, then you get the assist too. It's a win-win situation. 

Hitting off of the top of the opposing goal 

This essentially goes back to passing off of the walls, but this time, you're doing it from a different angle. Instead of aiming for the sidewalls, you'll instead be zoning in at the top of your opponent's goal. This is most effective when you're coming in, straight at the goal. Give the ball a nudge and watch hit the top. 

Then, wait for your team to pounce. This is another very stylish way to get a dime (assist) and give your squad a score. Just don't slam the ball too hard of course. Give it a cozy hit, and let someone else either hit it when it drops or uses their boost for an ariel attack. 

Heck, you can even pass it yourself. If you want to break some ankles (or wheels) out there, bounce it off, then immediately jump up and go for the kill. No, you won't get awarded an assist for this, but, it just shows how smooth your playmaking abilities are and how crafty you are. Plus, you can get a goal out of it, so that's a good thing I suppose, right? 

And if you time your hits right, it can be one of the easier plays to make. Remember that you're essentially just aiming right down the middle. So there's no need for any special tricks. Just hit and let it fly, and then see if your squad can hit it. If nobody else is nearby, then go for the finisher yourself. You are a jack of all trades after all. 

Aerial Passes  

These passes are tricky, but man are they beautiful if executed well. There are a couple of different ways to make this happen, but both require the ball to be in transit, whether it's by your or another player. One way of making this happen is by performing a wall ariel pass. Yes, we've mentioned the walls quite a bit, but they can be your friend in Rocket League.

When the ball is rolling on one, chase after it, and then knock it off towards your opponent's goal. Just pay attention and see if a teammate is there to take the shot (!). This is also a great way to go for scores yourself. These shots are hard to defend because of their awkward angles and velocity. 

And it's extra deadly as a pass. Because that will throw the defense off, and then to see a player from your team go in for the goal is a good, flashy way to make a play. It's almost like the one-timers we talked about earlier, only these passes are coming off the walls. These can be highly effective but are tricky to master. 

Another way of pulling off a good aerial pass is by using your boost to give the ball a slight hit in mid-air. Not a hard one like you're going for a goal, but a soft touch. This is pretty similar to if you were going for an alley-oop in some ways. The main difference is that you're obviously going to be airborne. 

Aerial moves can be tough, especially if you're a newer player. But man, can they be deadly if you play your cards right. Whether it's going for passes or scores, these can be game-changers. If you want to get better at aerial passes or shots, then definitely head into practice mode. If you want to play against bots of varying difficulty, then head into a local match and give these moves a try. Once you get comfortable, you'll become quite the playmaker.