How to Unlock Cosmetics in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)



Sun 4th Aug 2019 - 5:38pm

TFT has definitely surprised us all, becoming the most popular Autochess game over the span of just a few weeks. After playing a few games, you'll come to notice that there are a huge number of River Sprites walking around. It's boring to all look the same right? That's why we made this little guide on how to unlock cosmetics, that way you have a shot at standing out from the crowd of River Sprites! We'll go over the two different ways on how to unlock Cosmetics in TFT first and what type of Cosmetic items there currently are up for grabs right after. Let's get into it!

Unlocking Cosmetics by Playing

Luckily, you can unlock a large variety of Cosmetics by just playing. The game is still in "Beta", so these methods are bound to change over time. For now, you can collect TFT Beta Pass Points in two ways:

• Orb of Enlightenment


The Orb of Enlightenment is a free TFT Beta Pass Points boost that you can claim every 22 hours. You won't have to do anything within these 22 hours to still claim your prize of 80 TFT Beta Pass Points, make sure that you log in at least once every 24 hours to maximize the number of points that you'll gain!

• Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions offer a lot more points compared to the Orb of Enlightenment. These missions will require you to try out different builds and playstyles within TFT, offering 50 TFT Beta Pass Points upon completion. As you can see in the image above, there are currently only three Weekly Missions available. If you've completed all three of your initial missions, they'll reset immediately so you can continue to farm your TFT Beta Pass Points. Be careful not to throw your ranked games to complete these Weekly Missions!

After you've gathered enough points to redeem them, there's a nifty progression bar at the bottom of the "Teamfight Tactics" tab that looks like this:

The number of points will ramp up each level that you'll progress. For now, it goes up to level 9 and offers different types of Cosmetics that we'll cover individually later in this article.

Unlocking Cosmetics with Real-World Currencies

League of Legends is like any other Free-To-Play game currently out on the market, there'll be an option for you to purchase Cosmetic items with Real-World currencies. By spending a few euros or dollars, you'll receive Riot Points depending on how much you're willing to spend. The payment plans are as follows (Europe):

• €2,50 = 310 Riot Points

• €5,00 = 650 Riot Points

• €10,00 = 1380 Riot Points

• €20,00 = 2800 Riot Points

• €35,00 = 5000 Riot Points

• €50,00 = 7200 Riot Points

The amount of Riot Points that you'll receive will depend on the currency that you use and the payment method.

After you've purchased some Riot Points, you'll have a few options to choose between in the shop. These are the available options:

• Little Legends Series 1/Series 2 Eggs

First off, we have the cheapest method of purchasing Little Legend skins. These Eggs contain one of three skins that come in different variations as well. You can evolve these skins from level 1 to level 3, but that'll require you to spend more money on these Eggs.

Images shown above are the Little Legends that come out of the Series 1 and Series 2 Eggs respectively. (Left = Series 1 - Right = Series 2)

• Individual Little Legends

You can also buy these Little Legends individually, they come with a bonus icon but don't have a special look to them compared to their Series Eggs counterparts. Like previously mentioned, these Little Legends are also able to evolve from Level 1 up to Level 3. Here's every Little Legend that you can buy with a guaranteed chance to actually get it:

These skins cost 260 Riot Points more compared to purchasing one Series 1 / Series 2 Egg. You'll get an icon to go with it though!

Currently, in the Beta, there's no method of purchasing these skins with in-game currency like Blue Essence for example.


Type of Cosmetics

TFT has some cosmetics that carry over from League of Legends itself, and some that are TFT exclusive. These include:

• Emotes (Work in both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics)

• Icons (Work in both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics)

• Little Legends (Exclusive to TFT)

• Rift Arenas (Exclusive to TFT)

Emotes are unlocked through purchasing them with Riot Points, Hextech Crafting, or unlocking them by advancing through the TFT Beta Pass. You'll be able to use them in both types of games.

There are a few TFT themed icons, like the Eggs we previously mentioned. By progressing through the TFT Beta Pass, you can also receive these icons representing the island where TFT is being played:

Shown above are the Icons you can unlock by gathering TFT Beta Pass Points, starting from the Green Icon and ending at the Red Icon.

There currently are two different Rift Arena's outside from the default one. These can't be purchased, you'll have to level up in the Beta Pass to gain access to them. These are the two unlockable Rift Arenas:

The Left Arena (Blue) is unlocked at Level 2, while the Right Arena (Purple) is unlocked at Level 7.


That's all we have for unlocking cosmetics in the TFT Beta. The methods and number of items are bound to change as the developers keep putting more cosmetics into the game, so keep an eye out for that!

If you'd like to know even more about Teamfight Tactics or like our content in general, stay tuned with Dignitas!

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