Interview with DIG CS:GO player, GeT_RiGhT



Sun 24th May 2020 - 6:23pm

After a few weeks of tournaments, we’ve reached out to Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund to know how he feels about the qualification for BLAST Showdown, the final placing at ESL One: Road to Rio and what the next steps for the team are.

Hey Christopher! First of all, congratulations on qualifying for BLAST Showdown. How does it feel?

GeT_RiGhT: Thank you! It feels good, but it also feels that we should have played better against ENCE in the group stage, but in the end the most important thing is to qualify... and we did. I think we had a pretty good and decent tournament in general, we're learning so much each day with practice and every tournament we play. Taking one step at a time and it's going in the right direction.

As you said, you managed to qualify for the event while only losing against the other team that also qualified, ENCE. Tell me about the Elisa Invitational and how it went for you.

GeT_RiGhT: Against ENCE it felt like we had a pretty good idea on what do on Dust2, but we weren't really ready on the small randomness they're doing right now due to adding Jamppy into the team. They took us off-guard sometimes when we were CT, I remember a few rounds where they caught us unaware and we couldn't really get ourselves back into the game after that. We tried our best, but I think it could have gone a lot better if we just took it easier. At the end of it, it doesn't really matter because we qualified and we're both through. Let's hope we can meet them again in the next stage and hopefully this time we can beat them.

How do you see the team’s chances at the event where Astralis, NiP, Vitality, and ENCE are also confirmed so far?

GeT_RiGhT: I think we have a pretty decent chance, of course, it's going to be way tougher now because the level of teams is much higher at this stage of the tournament, but at the same time we're learning more and more. During the Road to Rio event, we managed to beat fnatic, they're a very strong team and we're really happy seeing that our progress is getting better and better with every day that goes by. We're just happy getting invited to play another tournament and getting much-needed experience - we need that, it's going to take some time to get better but we're getting there.

You’ve also played the group stage of ESL One: Road to Rio, where unfortunately it didn’t go the way you wanted. Tell me about that tournament.

GeT_RiGhT: I think that we screwed up a little bit at the beginning against Heretics, we felt that we had that game but somehow we managed to not play up to our level, at least comparing to practicing. We had a hard time in general, it felt like some of the games we're really close to winning maps and some of them we could have even won the games... we just couldn't really finish the job, basically. but it was a long tournament, we learned a lot through every match played, it just feels like we could have played better in general. But we can't focus too much on it, there's two more of these stages and we need to qualify and play better in the next ones. Like I've already said, it's one step at a time and we'll see...

Ignoring the match against NiP, the other ones were all rather close and could have gone either way, even the ones that ended up 0-2. What went wrong in those matches?

GeT_RiGhT: I think most of the matches were on ourselves, it felt like we had a foot into the game to actually take a lead or a map instead of losing them. We've played a lot of CS, people are getting a little bit, not burned out, but maybe it's getting a bit "too much". Because of the coronavirus we can't really be normal and see other people, which takes a toll on us especially because we're much older, except hallzerk. There's a lot of factors, of course we played good teams and could have gone either way, but at the same time when I think about the game, I think we could have done a lot better in some of them. Against Heretics, ENCE, and even Complexity it feels we kind of threw the game, in a way. Nothing against them, they won and that's the most important thing. But it was really frustrating for all of us, we couldn't really play when it mattered the most. It just sucks in general when we think about those games but we learned a lot.

Due to COVID-19, there are some wild schedules right now - tournaments overlapping, some being too extensive. What's your opinion on that, seeing that there are some players complaining on social media?

GeT_RiGhT: I think there are too many tournaments and matches at the moment yes, I think it's a little bit of a burnout for everyone. I know the situation is not ideal, everyone is on the same boat, but at the same time... most of the tournaments are just so long, sometimes it doesn't even make any sense. Of course, it's nice to play a lot, but when you look at a stage and see how long it is, it doesn't make that much of a sense, personally. It's a little bit weird, I would prefer if it was shorter, because there are so many right now, it feels like we have more now than before when we actually played LAN tournaments. Even though everyone is staying home and playing it feels like it's easier to get burned out. I know a lot of people that have been saying that to me as well, that they feel like it's being too much. But what can you do about it, you just have to step up.

What’s next for you and the team? What are you working on at the moment to prepare for BLAST Showdown?

GeT_RiGhT: We're continuing playing as we did before, a lot of going over tactics, what we did wrong, playing as much as we can. We took a small break after Road to Rio because we all felt we needed some time off. It's just getting back into the grinding again, prepare for the summer season, and hopefully play much better!

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