Interview with DIG CS:GO/VALORANT player, Theia



Sun 3rd Jan 2021 - 8:33pm

Melisa "theia" Mundorff is the youngest member of Dignitas’ CS:GO and VALORANT female team! We’ve reached out to her to know how things are going with the new member, showliana, how practicing is going, and how they are working towards playing two different games at the highest level possible.


It’s been a few months since you announced showliana, the newest member. How are things going within the team?

Theia: Things are going really well! I really like the lineup that we have right now and I'm really excited to keep playing with them. Showliana is probably the best person we could've picked up for our team, I think she fits in really well and I really enjoy her personality! Also, she's really good at any game she plays, so that's amazing!

Is she already playing full time with the team? 

Theia: Oh yeah, she's been playing full time with us ever since she joined the team!

How did you cope with the distance issue due to her being from Brazil and unable to get into USA due to COVID-19?

Theia: We compromised on playing the best North American servers for her, she still had high ping when playing with us but hopefully really soon she'll be able to visit the USA and join us.

So she's still stuck in Brazil due to the pandemic?

Theia: Yeah, unfortunately, she's still stuck in Brazil right now.

How is practicing going now that’s it’s been a few months since you announced that you were going to be competing in both CS:GO and VALORANT?

Theia: I think practicing is going really well and I think we're still managing to improve at both games, even though we're trying to split between the two.

How are you defining priorities regarding playing both games at the same time?

Theia: So, depending on what tournaments we have coming up, we'll focus more on that specific game. Nevertheless, we still leave time to keep up with the other game, so we don't stop improving.

Did you notice any performance drop in the overall level of the team due to being practicing on two different games?

Theia: No, I don't think we had any performance drop. I think actually we're finding that VALORANT and CS:GO are kind of similar in ways, and we're learning how to improve in both games at the same time.

What’s next for the squad?

Theia: So, we have DreamHack coming up right now in a couple of days! After that, I'm not sure what tournaments are happening, but I'm sure there will be a lot of online tournaments that we're playing. We've actually been playing a lot of small VALORANT and CS:GO tournaments online, but nothing big, just trying to get practice in right now.

And what are your feelings towards the results in those smaller tournaments?

Theia: Some of them we're doing really well in, a lot of them have good teams participating, so we're still improving and trying to get better every day and every tournament!

Would you like to leave a few words to end this interview?

Theia: Thank you everybody for supporting us and hopefully there will be more tournaments we can win!

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