Interview with DignitasVIE CS:GO Player, Friberg



Sun 7th Feb 2021 - 8:39pm

We’ve sat down with Adam "friberg" Friberg and focused on looking back at the end of 2020, the new players, and how everything went on the first tournaments they’ve played together, namely the second season of FLASHPOINT and Nine to Five, finishing with a brief look at what’s to come in 2021.

FLASHPOINT, one of your main goals of the last few months of the year, is now over for you. What do you take away from the tournament?

friberg: I feel like we needed more time to prepare and play with each other even more to be able to get a good result. Unfortunately, we didn't get any official matches before FLASHPOINT, which now looking at it, I really feel that it would add a lot more experience to the team at that time, playing matches together would have helped us a lot. But overall, I'm positively surprised by the results, we started pretty slowly but we got better as the further we went into the tournament, and we could have won against fnatic, it was close against OG, I think we should have least won one of the maps and push the series to a third... then you never know what happens. It's never fun to lose, but we all felt like we did our best and we know we can do much better with practice.

So, compared to last season, you'd say it was a positive result?

friberg: Yeah, for sure! We made it to the playoffs this time and we put in a really good fight against two of the best teams in the tournament, we weren't a team that people could just walk over, we put up a good fight. We're looking ahead now and we're really excited to play more tournaments.

It was also the first big tournament with the new players, how did it go for them?

friberg: I feel like the new players did really well! You could feel in the first couple of games that it was the first big tournament for them, you could really feel that there were some nerves, but the longer we played, they'd get more used to it and we would just start our normal game and the results got better and better. That's always the thing when you pick up younger players, they need some time to adjust and get used to playing in big stages! But they said it was a lot of fun and they want to play more!

You feel that it's something that will not get in the way in the next tournaments after they get more experience?

friberg: For sure, it's not!

You ended up the year with a 5th-8th placement in Nine to Five, falling after a loss against Gambit in the quarter-finals. What do you take away from that tournament?

friberg: It was a pretty up and down tournament for us - I feel like we played pretty well against some teams and then against others we just couldn't get our game going at all, that's one of the things that we took from that tournament, that we need to get more stable and try to increase our lowest level. We know that we have a really good "high-level", we just also need to have a better "lower-level" as well. But once again, we are a new team and we are learning a lot by playing these tournaments to know how the team is going rather than just sitting in practice. Unfortunately, we did end up losing to Gambit, they are playing really well and we couldn't bring our A-game to that match.

To be totally honest, were you expecting a better final result even with the very recent squad?

friberg: Coming from FLASHPOINT, we definitely feel we could have done a lot better and we could really get into the finals, but I feel like Gambit were the favorites to win the whole tournament, which they did, and facing them in the quarter-finals... I mean, it's our fault that we lost a few games on the group stage, but in the end, I feel like we can beat Gambit, they're not unbeatable, but it just didn't happen there, we couldn't play our best game.

We fell we are into something with our team, we're on a good path and I'm really excited to get 2021 going!

Would you like to leave some words to your fans?

friberg: Thank you to all the fans for keeping on supporting us, we are working really hard to get better and we feel that we are improving with every practice day and we'll deliver some good games and, hopefully, some trophies as well!

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