Interview with DignitasVIE CS:GO player f0rest on the upcoming season



Wed 27th Jan 2021 - 9:40pm

With the first big tournament of the year right around the corner, cs_summit 7, we’ve talked with Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg to know more about the recent results, the transition into 2021, and the preparations for what’s to come!

Hi f0rest! So, tell me about the relatively new team so far.

f0rest: It's a fresh new environment in the team, for sure, two brand new players who haven't really been playing high-level CS before! It's actually really exciting and a lot of work to have things come together at a relatively fast pace because we do have a lot of tournaments coming up, but it's been a fun experience overall.

Are you happy with the performances shown at FLASHPOINT and Nine to Five at the end of 2020?

f0rest: I'm going to say we're disappointed, everybody in the teams knows what we're capable of in terms of how we play. I don't think we have fully shown what we can do in those tournaments, but there's small progress done here and there... we take every loss as a new way to learn, we study it, see what we did wrong and try to improve on that, but I think we have some untapped potential and eventually, it will just click for us and we will reach a point where we're happy with the team and we can develop even further.

How are things working so far with the shift to Friberg leading in-game?

f0rest: I think Friberg is doing a really good job at transitioning into IGL, he's really taking his job seriously and he's trying his best! Obviously it takes a while to fully become an IGL, but I think that with every passing day he's growing and growing, and I'm sure he's going to turn out to be a really good IGL.

And what about the new players specifically- what do you have to say about their first official performances with Dignitas? I've talked with Friberg a few days ago and he said that although they were a bit nervous at first, they adapted really quickly!

f0rest: It's been fun to see them, especially during FLASHPOINT, where we played a more serious tournament and see where we were standing as a team. As Adam (Friberg) said, they were feeling a little bit nervous during the first matches, but they definitely adapted fast and started to play more and more the way they were used to be playing. It's been fun!

People are talking positively about the squad after a few good wins at the end of the year. Do you feel you can make the transition to 2021 in the same upward trajectory?

f0rest: I definitely think we can! I think we were beginning to see some kind of progress towards the end of the year and that is something we're going to transition going into this year! As I said, we know what we are capable of, we can play really good CS, we just need to find that same groove that we have in practice when the matches go live. Once that clicks, I'm 100% certain we can do a lot of damage as a team!

What are the goals for this new year?

f0rest: My personal goal is to definitely reach the top 10! We didn't really discuss any goals within the team, but I'm sure that everyone wants to reach a point where we are a really good and strong team that is able to compete in tournaments and be able to do much deeper runs than the ones we've been doing so far!

You’re getting ready to play your first big tournament of the year, cs_summit, in the end of January! How is the preparation going?

f0rest: It's going well! There are a few hiccups here and there on a few maps that we can't really hit our stride on during practice, but it's good that is happening now before the tournaments, we're putting in a lot of hours as we usually do before big tournaments, we're trying to iron out all the small details and all the plays that we need to have setup going into cs_summit.

If you had one wish for this competitive year, what would it be?

f0rest: (Laughs) Definitely to bring back LAN tournaments!

Do you want to leave any final words?

f0rest: Thank you so much for all the support and hopefully we do you guys proud this year!

Make sure you keep up to date with f0rest and the team on his social media!


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