Lucky @ Pound 2019



Fri 19th Apr 2019 - 1:05pm

After a two-year hiatus, it's about time for one of the big Smash event series to make it's big return: Pound 2019 takes place in Laurel, MD, this weekend, with tournaments in both Melee and Ultimate. Naturally, we won't miss the occasion, and will be sending SoCal Fox/aspiring Marth Lucky into the fray of the Melee Singles tourney.

Joey will play his first matches on Friday at 11:30am PT / 20:30 CEST, and continue throughout the weekend. Catch his play on the streams below, and get notified when he plays by following the @DIGSmash Twitter account or by grabbing his fan role on our DIGscord.

Main Melee Stream (Melee Side Stream)

Prize money: TBA

Players: 450+

Phase 1
- Double Elimination
- Best-of-3
- Top3/pool to Phase 2

Phase 2
- Double Elimination
- Best-of-3
- Top12/pool to Phase 3

Phase 3
- Double Elimination
- Best-of-5
- Top6/pool to Bracket

- Double Elimination
- Best-of-5


DIG Lucky

Phase 3 M101 - Double Elimination
LB Round 1: [2:3] vs Jerry
Phase 2 D103 - Double Elimination
LB Round 2: [2:0] vs MOM!
LB Round 1: [2:0] vs Moss
Phase 1 D103 - Double Elimination
WB Final: [1:2] vs Mr. F
WB Semi: [2:0] vs Peanut
WB Quarter: [2:1] vs Jazz Dynamite
WB Round 1:     BYE