Dignitas third @ Rocket League Summit 1



Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 10:53pm

It was an exciting announcement for the Rocket League scene when Beyond The Summit announced their first ever Rocket League Summit. The event series is a very popular one in other communities, as it has a very laid back and authentic feel to it where viewers are able to see more of the pro players' personalities. We were ecstatic when we received the invite to LA.

The stream will be live all weekend from 9am PT / 18 CEST onwards. Follow @DIGRocketLeague on Twitter for regular updates from the event. We will also notify you when we're live if you have the players' fan roles on our DIGscord!


Prize money: $50,000
Teams: 8

Group Stage
- 2 groups of 4 teams
- Dual Tournament
- Top3 advance to Playoffs
- Best-of-7

- Double Elimination
- Best-of-7


Dignitas Rocket League - 3rd place

Playoffs - Double Elimination Date PDT CEST
Cons. Final: [0:4] vs Frontline      
LB Final: [4:3] vs Cloud9      
LB Round 1: [4:1] vs G2 Esports      
Group Stage - Dual Tournament
Decider Match: [1:4] vs NRG Esports      
Winners' Match: [1:4] vs G2 Esports      
Round 1: [4:1] vs Renault Vitality