Interview with #DIGLoL Player, Fenix



Sun 2nd Aug 2020 - 8:07pm

At the highest level of competitive League of Legends it isn't often that you would see a player swap so effortlessly between two roles on the main stage, with very few exceptions. Excitingly for Dignitas fans and viewers of the North American LCS, Jae-Hun "Fenix" Kim just so happens to be one of those exceptions!

Taking his talents all over Summoner's Rift, Fenix has come back to the Mid Lane and to the LCS to show us all exactly how talented he is; with a string of impressive performances against some of the best that NA has to offer, you might wonder exactly if it's as easy as he actually makes it look! Well, wonder no more, as we sat down with Fenix to ask him all these questions and more to understand his perspectives as he fights with DIG for a spot in the 2020 Summer Playoffs!

So Fenix, before we jump into the interview let’s get to know you! What is your dream combo of food and a relaxing hobby? 

Fenix: Oh my favourite has to be ramen, and I’ll eat that while I’m playing video games! I don’t actually have any hobbies aside from playing video games, haha.

How has the role change been for you since you’ve made the swap from ADC to Mid? 

Fenix: I wouldn’t say it went perfectly, I had to try harder to understand map pressure in Mid. It’s definitely given me more knowledge about the game though! 

Congratulations are definitely in order for making it in the LCS roster; what has it been like playing between DIG’s two teams? 

Fenix: I think Mid is usually combo’d with the Jungler, and I’ve been playing with Josh (Dardoch) in Academy and even since 2016 and 2017, so I won’t feel any different getting changed so long as my Jungler stays the same.

It’s been a rough start to the season, but what are your expectations for the team in the remainder of the Summer Split?

Fenix: It will be tough deciding who gets to have a chance at making playoffs between the lower-placed teams, but if we keep improving the way we have and try really hard we can still definitely get playoffs (which is what we’re aiming for)!

With more players flexing between Academy and LCS than ever before, what’s your take on the quality of players in Academy?

Fenix: I remember like 3 years ago playing in Academy, there was no competition at all. The gap between players was huge but now I feel like there are a lot of great players in Academy, so the improvement between then and now is really clear. 

How have you felt with your personal performances thus far in the Split?

Fenix: I mean I just got back into Mid, but I was playing pretty messily and I’m improving a lot. I think I have been really improving my communications, and even though I’m not satisfied with my playmaking, I’m very happy with my progress.

What personal goal/s do you have while playing League of Legends in the NA LCS? 

Fenix: I want to go to Worlds. That’s my biggest goal. Although, I’ve never had the feeling of finishing first in a tournament so I’d actually rather win the NA LCS than qualify for Worlds.

The level of play seen at the top of the North American scene is often considered a step behind that in other regions; what’s your take on this?

Fenix: I think NA’s solo queue environment is really bad compared to other regions, which means that NA is improving slower than nearly anyone else, so I definitely agree.

Which of the other regions do you feel poses the biggest threat on the global stage? 

Fenix: I think the LPL and LCK are the strongest regions, although EU players are really strong too!

And to end on a fun question; who has been the funniest player you’ve played with on the current DIG roster?

Fenix: I would say it’s Johnsun. He makes a lot of memes, so for sure I have to say he’s the funniest player at DIG.

Is there anyone you’d like to give a shoutout to as we wrap up this interview?

Fenix: I just want to give a shoutout to the DIG fans. I know we were 0-8 and in a bad position, but you just have to trust that we will get better and we’re going to try really hard to make playoffs!

We'd like to thank Fenix for taking the time to answer our questions in this interview, and we wish him and the team the best of luck as they fight for a chance at representing North America on the World Stage. You can catch Fenix on Twitter @Midfenix, and be sure to stay tuned for our guide on the Meta in the Mid Lane!