Interview with DIGSMITE's Solo Laner Variety



Tue 27th Aug 2019 - 9:46pm

With Phase 2 well underway and Worlds just around the corner, we got the chance to sit down and speak to DIGSmite's resident solo laner Harry "Variety" Cummings on how the start of Phase 2 has gone and what the team's goals are heading into this Phase of the season. We even ask the important question of why our croc main isn't a croc main anymore.

Phase 2 has just got underway! How is the team feeling about the start of this Phase?

Variety: So far it's been very 50-50. We beat Spacestation Gaming 3-0 in the first set and then dropped 3-1 to Rival, which plenty of people thought would be a tighter game, so it's been very up and down so far, but I’d say more positives so far.

What are the team’s expectations for this Phase now it's started?

Variety: We are close to making Worlds, I think we are a few wins away from confirming our spot at Worlds, so first is get Worlds confirmed and work on trying some new stuff out ready for Worlds and just stay with or ahead of the meta.

You faced Team Rival the other week. With many seeing you two being the strongest teams in the League, how do you feel the set went for you?

Variety: It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible. The games were in our hands and we should have probably 3-0'd them. We came in and tried out a new strategy, swapping our mid and hunter as in where they go, and that was the first time we tried it out live... well, not in scrims. There are positives we can take from it, but we do need to improve.

How is the team feeling after the loss to Team Rival?

Variety: We’re still feeling good. It wasn’t one of those sets where you get stomped and demoralized. Yeah, it could have went better, but it was a tight set and we are taking positives and we can be happy with a lot of what we did going forward.

You've been playing a lot of Set in the solo lane. What about him makes him a high priority in the lane, and why do you enjoy playing him?

Variety: Yeah, Set is fun, and his kit makes it easy to get out of ganks, which is great with his 3 and his ult. The build you go with him in solo as well really suits him, with Glad Shield sustaining you whilst you have plenty of damage coming out of the solo lane.

We've asked a few of your teammates about this and we'd like your point of view. How has the transition been for you moving to America and having every game on LAN?

Variety: I mean, this isn’t new to me. I moved to Denmark last season to live with Qvofred and Trixtank, so I’ve moved away from home before, plus we have spent plenty of time here for LANs, so it isn’t a new thing for us. It has been enjoyable, just it’s not something new for me personally.

Is there anything you've really enjoyed and don't about the lifestyle in America?

Variety: The one big thing I don’t like here is how little public transport there is. There aren’t really any trains or anything like that you can get on and you can’t just walk to somewhere so, unless you drive, you have to get a taxi, which can get pretty expensive as well.

Who in the league has surprised you so far and who have you enjoyed facing in the solo lane?

Variety: As far as a team that have surprised me, Renegades. We heard about how strong they were leading up to their entrance into the SPL and they didn’t disappoint. They are a very strong team and seeing them do as well as they have was a surprise.

With who has surprised me in the solo lane, I mean it is interesting and good to face the NA solo laners, the likes of FineOkay and Benji, I never really get a chance to lane against them, so that has been a welcome surprise.

A fun little question for you, if you could change one thing about the current meta what would it be and why?

Variety: One thing I’d change is the support starting in and around the solo lane. It does give you some early pressure if you can steal blue and apply the early pressure in the jungle, just if you do lose your blue you can start to see yourself fall behind. It’s great for early game fights, just not a fan of them starting this side of the map.

You used to play a lot of Sobek in previous seasons. Do you miss being a croc main or you glad you can play more gods in the role?

Variety: I never want to play Sobek again! There are plenty of gods that I played a lot of in the SPL and I miss but not Sobek. After playing him over and over again, you start to never want to play them again. Just he worked in solo, so I was playing him a lot.

Whose idea was it for you to play Sobek as often as you did?

Variety: It was mine. It was more because, if anything seemed OP, we thought Sobek must be strong against it. Most of the time it worked. He just seemed to be really strong against anything that was OP, so I just thought it was best I stick with him.

Thank you for your time. Are there any shout outs you’d like to make?

Variety: Shout out to Dignitas of course for everything that they’ve done for us, shout out to our sponsors and the fans, and shout out to you for this interview.

We'd like to thank Variety for taking the time to talk to us and wish him and the Smite team the best of luck heading into the rest of the season. Don't forget to follow Variety on Twitch and Twitter as well, to keep up to date with all things Smite and Dignitas.