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Thu 25th Jul 2019 - 10:01pm

With the announcement of Season 2: Legendary Hunt, also came a new Legend like we saw happen at the start of Season 1: Wild Frontier. Unlike Octane, Wattson is a very strategic and defensive character when it comes to both her kit and her playstyle. As goes with every new Legend, it's important to learn what the professional players think about this character and how they think she should be utilized to the peak of her potential. Her differing playstyle will attract many players who, before the release of Wattson, thought that there weren't enough defensive options in the fast-paced environment that is King's Canyon. In this Legend guide with Jaime "CrozzoveR" Alvarez, we'll be covering her abilities, playstyle, and CrozzoveR's Dream Team revolving around Wattson. Let's get right into it!

Passive Ability - Spark of Genius

Wattson's Passive Ability, Spark of Genius, allows her to fully charge her Ultimate Ability with only one Ultimate Accelerant. At the same time, this Passive ability also charges up her Ultimate Ability faster when she's standing close to one of her own Interception Pylons. This means that you'll be able to cycle your Ultimate at a rapid pace, which can come in handy in sticky situations.

For example, you're running away from an enemy squad that's chasing you up to the edge of a mountain. If you position yourself out of sight on the high ground, the only tools that can kill you are grenades. Most of the time, you're in a hurry when these scenarios unfold and always having at least one Ultimate Accelerant on you can save your whole squad.

Tactical Ability - Perimeter Security

Wattson's Tactical Ability, Perimeter Security, is one of the best defensive abilities currently in the game. It deals damage and dramatically slows the enemies' movement when they're passing through it, making it a perfect tool to close off entrances to buildings and/or chokepoints. The major weakness of this ability is the height of the actual electric fence. If you're in an outdoor area, it's easy for an Octane to place a jump pad and surprise your squad easily.

You can attach multiple fences to ward off multiple entrances at once. When it comes to indoor fights, we think that this ability makes Wattson one of the most fearsome characters in the whole game.

Ultimate Ability - Interception Pylon

Last but not least is Wattson's Ultimate ability, Interception Pylon. CrozzoveR had this to say about Wattson's intriguing Ultimate Ability: "Wattson's Ultimate Ability is an electricity pylon that blocks any type of throwables and it slowly regenerates shield. The only way it runs out is if it's destroyed by the enemy. The pylon stacks up to three. So if you have three of them in the same area, your shield will charge 3x as fast. The best way to use the pylon is to place it somewhere hidden, possibly in a building with no windows or high on a mountaintop."

The list of blocked throwables include:

• Grenades (Arc Stars, Thermite Grenades and Frag Grenades) 

• Gibraltar's Ultimate Ability, Defensive Bombardment 

• Caustic's Ultimate Ability, Nox Gas Grenade

As we've mentioned previously with Wattson's Passive Ability, Spark of Genius, it also speeds up the charging period of her own Ultimate Ability. Solidify your position as much as possible by using the tools that Wattson's kit has to offer.


We've teased a small portion of Wattson's playstyle earlier in this guide, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't go any more in-depth than that. We have a few key points to make that really makes Wattson her own character. Her playstyle is only comparable to one other Legend in the game, so let's cover the most important aspects of her playstyle:

• Long-range, Defensive Gameplay

We all know by now that Wattson doesn't excel at offensive gameplay but rather supports the rest of her team from a distance. When asked about what the best weapons are for Wattson, CrozzoveR told us this: "I really like running a  Longbow, G7 Scout, or  Triple Take. And a secondary  Alternator with its hop-ups,  R-99, or  Peacekeeper. Since Wattson doesn’t have an escape ability, I'd like to have long-range capabilities so I can deal a lot of damage from far away. If something happens, I'll have time reposition and get away."

• Planning Ahead

Wattson really relies on the position of the zone, since she's very good at defending a location that she's holding. You can determine the next zone's location with Pathfinder's Passive Ability, or try to predict where it's going to land. If you have the advantage, you can try to either wait it out or set up a room full of traps that your enemies ideally can't avoid.

Even when it comes to setting up your Ultimate prematurely, you should try to guess where fights will break out first so you always have as many Interception Pylons active as possible with another Ultimate charge ready to be used.

• You Decide Where to Fight

As you're playing Wattson, you should always let the enemy come to you instead of you moving towards the enemy. This further builds on planning ahead instead of planning at the moment itself. A patient playstyle will help you win games and climb the ranks, especially since players are very eager to win matches now that Apex Legends has a good ranked mode.

Getting caught off-guard is probably the worst thing that can happen to Wattson. As previously mentioned, she doesn't have an escape ability. Try to always determine which exit will have the least risks bound to it.

Dream Team

So, that leaves us with the question of which Legends have the best synergy with Wattson? To answer this, we asked CrozzoveR what he would think would be the "Dream Team" that revolves around the new Legend, Wattson. CrozzoveR told us this was the best he could think of at this moment: "I would say a Caustic, Wraith, and Wattson would be a composition almost like a bait trap. You would use Wraith as bait and bring the enemy into a building with Wattson and Caustic. The other team wouldn’t be able to do anything because of all the traps"

Caustic and Wattson have a natural synergy with each other. Their defensive capabilities are at their peak when they're queued up together. Caustic is considered a tank, while Wattson is considered a support in-game. Both of their Tactical Abilities (Nox Gas Trap, Perimeter Security) work flawlessly together and Caustic can run through both due to his passive negating the effects of his Nox Gas. Be careful that Caustic's Ultimate Ability won't get blocked by your own Interception Pylon, as it's still considered a projectile even if it's from a friendly player!

This image has been taken from a video from Youtube user Sookiespy, full credit goes towards him. He notes that there have been minor tweaks to Caustic's hitbox, but Wraith remains unchanged.

Wraith just fits in with the both of them when you consider her to be "bait" for the opposing teams. She still has the smallest hitbox in the game and can move through any obstacle that isn't solid in the game. She also compensates for the defensive capabilities of the team by adding offensive capabilities into the mix.


That's about all we have on Wattson at this moment. We want to thank CrozzoveR for providing his answers and sharing his knowledge with us. Without him, it wouldn't have been possible to make this guide! We're looking forward on how the meta will change with this defensive Legend joining the roster and we're excited for the future of Apex Legends.

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