Dignitas adds mental performance brand RESPAWN as official team partner



Thu 25th Jun 2020 - 3:17pm

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 25, 2020 – Dignitas, the esports vertical of New Meta Entertainment Inc. (NME), announced today that RESPAWN, the Razer-owned mental performance consumables brand, has been named an official Dignitas Team Partner. This partnership will allow RESPAWN and Dignitas to co-develop new products, lifestyle content, and exclusive digital events for fans.


The partnership will showcase the performance benefits of RESPAWN products for both gaming enthusiasts as well as top-level esports professionals. Dignitas athletes will highlight the results and product efficacy of RESPAWN through analytical video content. RESPAWN will also become the presenting partner of Dignitas’ League of Legends-centered lifestyle content series, Odyssey. This partnership marks Dignitas’ first branding integration on the clavicle region of their uniforms, with RESPAWN adorned on the jersey of all of Dignitas’ world class teams. Dignitas and RESPAWN will work closely on the development of additional consumable products for gamers, reinforcing RESPAWN’s focus on helping competitive gamers reach their maximum potential.

Media may CLICK HERE for photos of Dignitas athletes with RESPAWN products HERE for Dignitas’ partnership announcement video.

"Our increased focus on technical performance and development creates a unique synergy with RESPAWN’s core mission," said Michael Prindiville, Chief Executive Officer of Dignitas. "We are eager to begin working together to provide our players and fans original creative content and the energy and focus they need to perform at the highest level."

“RESPAWN adds another layer of performance to gaming by helping competitors’ own focus and agility,” said Sean Driscoll, Senior Product Marketing Evangelist for RESPAWN. “Athletes from the championship-winning Dignitas organization are a perfect way for us to reinforce our products’ efficacy while working to create the next best thing.”


RESPAWN is the mental performance nutrition brand dedicated to the gaming lifestyle.

It was born in 2019 with the goal of producing the best mental performance drink for gamers and esports athletes alike. RESPAWN is the new choice for gaming enthusiasts and professional streamers who know and appreciate the need to continuously improve gaming performance.

The four unique drink flavors are sugar-free and made with ingredients that support brain function. Gaming demands an intense level of focus, many times over long periods, so RESPAWN brings mental performance and an enjoyable beverage together one simple shaker at a time.

RESPAWN is brought to you by Respawn Pte. Ltd., a standalone entity associated with Razer. Razer™ and FOR GAMERS. BY GAMERS. ™ are trademarks of Razer and are used by Respawn Pte. Ltd. under license.