Press Release - Dignitas Launches Rebrand to Revive Historic Logo with Modern Take



Wed 6th Jan 2021 - 4:14am




LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 6, 2021 – Dignitas, the esports vertical of New Meta Entertainment Inc. (NME), today unveiled a rebrand to bring new life into one of the most historic icons in esports history. The renowned esports franchise has brought back ‘Digi’, a beloved logo that originated at the team’s founding in 2003, now reimagined to engage fans through a range of animations to communicate personality and emotions. This rebrand pays tribute to the legacy of Dignitas, and will reinvigorate nearly two decades of esports fans.

The return of Digi as Dignitas’ logo allows the organization to have a mascot that better connects with esports and gaming fans. Digi has been brought to life through emotive representation, communicating with players, fans, and the community like never before. The eyes of this new Digi are shaped similar to the Dignitas logo of old, paying homage to and improving upon the original. Digi now can modify its structure to exhibit shape-shifting capabilities, expressing themself through various emotive stills and animations.

Through continued replication and immense travel spanning the entire globe, Digi has morphed into a larger being who has taken on likes and cultural interests in gaming, tech, music and action sports. Digi is an agender alien nano-technological being, capable of modifying their physical structure.  Digi exists to be representative and accepting of all cultures and identities, with a reimagined voice and purpose acknowledging Dignitas’ industry-leading commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion.

“This new mark creates unmatched capabilities for brands and partners”, said John Spiher, Vice President of Partnerships at Dignitas, “By developing Digi as a ‘living’ part of the greater Dignitas identity, we can curate unique 2D and 3D animations, live broadcast, and other content experiences to embed our partners in more meaningful ways than ever before.”

CLICK HERE to watch Dignitas’ rebrand announcement video. CLICK HERE to download Dignitas’ new logos and brand guidelines. 

Logo Change: The ‘Digi’ logo has returned and reimagined as a nanotechnological being to shapeshift, brought to life through emotive representations.

Brand Voice: Digi’s attitude is impish, spirited, and passionate. Digi operates through wit and dry humor, allowing the brand to be daring and mischievous. 

Wordmark Change: The typeface has been curated to show respect and solidarity with loyal fans of old and new, leaning into a G symbolic of Clutch Gaming, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) franchise that Dignitas acquired in Summer 2019.

Hashtags: In addition to the tried-and-true #DIGWIN, the hashtag #Digi will become a primary Dignitas fan and team hashtag to represent and speak to the identity of Digi.

Colors: The classic Dignitas yellow and black have been slightly modified to ensure a more consistent color when printed on fabric. The yellow, black, grey and white colors have been named to represent various pillars of Dignitas and gaming. 

In collaboration with Dignitas’ merchandise partner, Champion, Dignitas has released Digi-inspired merchandise to celebrate the rebrand. Merchandise is available for purchase on The team’s official 2021 jersey will be unveiled mid-January 2021 and will include both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ variants. Starting this year, jerseys will be made available both in short and long sleeve versions.

“The return of Digi is a thrilling moment for the entire Dignitas organization and one we’re confident will excite our current fan base while reengaging idle fans that have long awaited the return of a legendary icon,” said Michael Prindiville, CEO of New Meta Entertainment, Inc. and Dignitas. “The reimagined Digi is an original emotive mascot to the world of gaming and esports that will stimulate storytelling and emotional narratives, while becoming an asset unique solely to Dignitas.”

Dignitas’ multi-championship winning Rocket League team will be the first roster to debut the reimagined Digi logo in this weekend’s RLCS European Regional #3 event, starting Saturday, January 9. In addition to past World and European Championships, Dignitas recently won the Beyond the Summit 2 tournament to close out 2020 as well as Week 3 of The Grid, which Dignitas produces at in collaboration with its partner, Verizon.

Dignitas’ League of Legends (LCS), Men’s CS:GO (Dignitas VIE), Women’s FPS (dual CS:GO & VALORANT) and Men’s VALORANT will also debut the roster in their respective events taking place in January 2021.

More information on Dignitas’ rebrand can be found at as well as on social media: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Discord.


Since its formation in 2003, Dignitas has established itself as one of the most successful esports organizations in the world, amassing 18 World Championships across multiple game titles. In September 2016, Dignitas was acquired by the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE), a diverse, global portfolio of sports and entertainment franchises and properties that includes the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), New Jersey Devils (NHL) and more. Dignitas is the esports organization within New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), a new media sports and entertainment company founded in May 2019 by an investor group that includes HBSE, Susquehanna International Group and Delaware North, among others. Dignitas currently fields seven teams in five of esports’ largest and most popular games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (men’s and women’s teams), VALORANT (men's and women's teams), Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. With content studios and player wellness facilities in Greater New York City and Los Angeles, and infrastructure in Europe and China, Dignitas is a global leader dedicated to esports athletes, digital influencers and entertainment game-changers.