Interview With Dig RL Player Turbopolsa On Winning DreamHack Leipzig



Thu 28th Feb 2019 - 8:54pm

DreamHack Leipzig just recently took place and Dignitas came away with the Finals win. With Maurice "Yukeo" Weihs still a fresh addition to the roster, they looked like they had been playing together for years. I had a talk with Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver about his thoughts on how Dignitas played in the tournament, getting Yukeo his first finals win, and what they still have to work on moving forward.

Your group consisted of: Eskedit, Triple Trouble, mousesports, Bread, 1UP Esports, PSG Esports, and Team Echo Zulu. How do you feel this group looked compared to the other groups?  Was there a group that you think would have been the hardest one to be in? 

Turbopolsa: Yeah, it was a pretty good group to be in and the hardest one probably would have been the ones with either C9 or NRG.

You took the 3-0 win against Eskedit and then the 3-2 win against Triple Trouble to qualify for Day 2. Were you feeling pretty comfortable with how you guys played that first day? 

Turbopolsa: Not really against Triple Trouble – we went down 0-2 but then reverse swept. At the start of the game we didn’t play that well, but we progressed and kept getting better.

During Day 2, you took the 3-0 win against mCon esports and then a 3-1 win against PSG Esports. Were you surprised to make it to the playoffs with, relatively speaking, such ease? 

Turbopolsa: Yeah, I think our expectations were to at least make top 8. I didn’t think it was going to be that easy against PSG – I thought they would put up a harder fight against us. But it was kind of an easy road to top 8. 

Savage!, G2, Team Echo Zulu, NRG, Cloud9, Vitality, and F3 were the other teams to make it to the playoffs. Were you surprised by any of the teams that made it or didn’t make it to the final day? 

Turbopolsa: Based off scrims, I thought compLexity was going to make it because they were an absolute powerhouse in scrims. TSM of course – I thought they were going to be in the finals or semi-finals. 

After defeating Team Echo Zulu 3-0 and then Savage! 4-3, you went on to win the Finals against Vitality 4-2. After being up 3-0, Vitality came back with a couple wins. Were you starting to sweat or were you feeling comfortable that you would still come away with the win? 

Turbopolsa: I definitely didn’t expect to be up 3-0 against Vitality, so I expected sooner or later they were going to be even better and maybe win a couple games. Fortunately, we won game 6 and the reverse sweep didn’t happen. 

What was it like playing against your old teammate Kaydop in the finals? 

Turbopolsa: It was fun. I wanted to play him since literally Day 1 and to play him in the finals and win against him was nice, but no hard feelings.

How did it feel to get Yukeo his first Major finals win? 

Turbopolsa: Well, my back was very sore after that. But, I mean, that’s nice for him I guess.

Your rotations and positioning were specifically on point the whole tournament. Was this something you had been working on or was everything just falling into place naturally? 

Turbopolsa: Pretty naturally. I try to look out for where my teammates and opponents are, so I can know what’s going on so I can predict ahead on whether they’re going to pass or shoot or whatever. I depend on my teammates to be in their right spot as well. It wasn’t anything I had been really working on specifically. 


I don’t think there’s anyone that doubts the new Dignitas roster after this tournament performance. Do you think you guys have fully found your rhythm and chemistry together? 

Turbopolsa: We still have stuff to work on, but it’s definitely a good roster.  We aren’t perfect yet.

If you had to pick something, is there anything that you feel you still needs to be improved upon? 

Turbopolsa: When we decide to go for something, we shouldn’t hesitate because that’s when we start to fall apart. 

After this weekend, what will be your main goal(s) for yourself and the team moving forward? 

Turbopolsa: Obviously to win another tournament.  I want to at least to get to every single LAN.  I don’t want to not qualify and sit out while everyone else is going to all these different LANs. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to? 

Turbopolsa: All of our sponsors and all of my fangirls.

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