Interview With Dig RL Player Turbopolsa - First Weeks Of RLCS 7



Sun 28th Apr 2019 - 8:00am

With the first few weeks of RLCS 7 already in the books, I wanted to check in with Pierre 'Turbopolsa' Silfver to get his thoughts on how the season has been going so far.  With a slower start to the season than anticipated, the boys got their first win of the season against mousesports and hopefully sparked the start of a turnaround and keep their playoff hopes alive.  Turbo gives his thoughts on what was going on the first few matches of the year and what needs to happen moving forward.

How were you feeling going into Week 1 of RLCS? Were you happy with your progress in the offseason?

Turbopolsa: We were definitely confident going into Week 1, maybe a bit too confident with the recent win at Dreamhack Leipzig. We had a decent run at WSOE and a fantastic run at DH Leipzig so overall, I was pretty satisfied with the results. 


Your first match of the season was against newly acquired FC Barcelona which consists of Deevo, Bluey, and Alpha54, the old Savage! Roster. FC Barcelona ended up taking the win 3-1, but each game was decided by no more than one goal and could have easily gone either way - what do you feel was the main contributor to them coming out on top in the 3 games they won?

Turbopolsa: We couldn't hit the ball and we had no chemistry at all. Even though FC Barcelona didn't play up to par, we had nothing to fight with and it really showed how inconsistent we are.


How were you feeling by the end of the first two weeks and how did you keep your spirits up after a rough start?

Turbopolsa: I was feeling pretty down because after going a long time dominating the EU region to losing the first two weeks against potential top 4 teams is pretty upsetting. It's not over yet and we really want to grab the top 4 spot now that they changed the playoffs format. 


You ended up taking the win against mousesports 3-0 in Week 3 – what was going so well compared to the previous two weekends?

Turbopolsa: We finally started to hit the ball but at the same time mouseports didn't really have the best week at all against us so we shouldn't take this win as a sign of huge improvement from the past two weeks. 

Do you think this is the start of a turnaround for the team with the end of the season on the horizon?

Turbopolsa: Hopefully it is. I still have my doubts and we will take one game at the time and try to focus on that #4 spot.


How are you feeling going into next weekend against Triple Trouble?

Turbopolsa: The game for us is very important and it should be a good game to watch. I have my doubts about our performance but hopefully we can turn this around and show that we are a top 4 team instead of being a bottom 2 team.


Overall, how are you feeling about the way both the team, and you personally, have been playing so far this season?

Turbopolsa: I think all three of us have been playing very poorly and not up to our standards at all and we all can improve in every aspect of the game right now and we really need to get better if we want to contest the RLCS trophy. 


Now that a few weeks have gone by, who would you say are some of the top contenders for the RLCS 7 Championship this year? Are any teams surprising you so far?

Turbopolsa: Triple Trouble stepped up big time and surprised me with their results but it's only been 3 weeks so it's tough to say who's the contender this time except Vitality of course who is looking extremely strong. 


Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us - who would you like to give a shoutout to?

Turbopolsa: Shoutout to all of our sponsors - Champion, HyperX, Mountain Dew, Raynor Gaming and Western Digital. And Jessie.


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