A Guide to Mastering Omen with Pro Player Supamen - VALORANT Agent Guide



Mon 23rd Nov 2020 - 8:01pm

As one of the most contested and popular characters in VALORANT, Omen brings an unparalleled amount of control to any team composition. The agent brings the ability to obscure vision from the enemy team, gather information for his own team, and support his teammates in unconventional ways. For these reasons and more, Omen has become one of the most important agents in all of VALORANT over the course of the game’s young lifespan.

In this guide, we’ll detail everything it takes to master Omen. With a little help from Dignitas’ very own Phat "Supamen" Le, one of the strongest Omen players in the world, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the agent, what makes him strong in the current meta, and why he’s such a popular pick on both the ranked ladder and the professional stage.

What Makes Omen Strong?

Although he might not appear like it on the surface, Omen is one of the best supports in VALORANT. Whereas an agent like Sage might support her team through healing, and a character like Cypher might serve as a support through information-gathering, Omen is able to excel as a support-like character due to his abilities to deny opportunities from the enemy team and passively increase the advantages that his own teammates get across the map.

Supamen: “Omen is the most-picked controller in the current meta for a reason. His entire kit makes him viable. He’s one the main supportive agents. For instance, his smokes allow his team to make plays and get creative.” 

With the crucial ability to deny vision from the enemy team, Omen is in an elite class of characters where he can completely black out his opponents’ pushes and rotations. Through the usage of his smokes and ultimate, his abilities allow him to not only deny vision from his opponents, but allow his own teammates to make moves in a state of advantage. 

Supamen: “His ability to cast a smoke anywhere on the map makes him the go-to smoker. Just the ability to cast a Dark Cover anywhere is huge.”

Throughout the course of any given round, Omen can completely place a stranglehold on the other team when it comes to vision. Since his smokes regenerate, unlike other characters in the game like Brimstone and others, Omen can be considered an ever-present threat throughout every round of the game, whether he’s on offense or defense. 

Supamen: “What makes him better than Brimstone is that Brimstone’s smokes don’t regenerate - Omen’s do. That’s a huge aspect of why Omen is so important right now in the current meta.”

Additionally, that concept of regenerative abilities is something that’s rare for a character as strong as Omen. Of course, every character in the case has an ability that regenerates on a timer, but none are as strong as Omen’s smokes. 

Supamen: “It’s important that Omen doesn’t die first just because of how important smokes and flashes are for executions.”

If Omen players are able to stay alive and relevant throughout the course of a given round, they’ll be able to get more value out of his smokes and his kit as a whole. The longer Omen stays alive, the more dangerous of a threat he is. If he’s not taken care of early on in a round, his ability to obstruct the enemy team’s movement and enhance his own team’s pushes is something that can snowball out of control very quickly. 

Crafting the Perfect Engage

Another part of what makes Omen such a strong pick in the current meta is his ability to find success on both offense and defense. Unlike characters like Cypher (who remains at his strongest on defense) and Phoenix (who mainly finds success on offense), Omen is able to have an impact on either side of the game.

Supamen: “Omen doesn’t have to physically be around the area that he smokes, that’s what makes him so strong all the time.” 

A good Omen player is not only able to serve as a strong bastion of defense in terms of denying vision and choking out enemy pushes, but should also be looking to enhance his team’s pushes and opportunities on the offensive side of the game. If denying vision and controlling the map buys time, then Omen should be valuable at every point in a given game of VALORANT, no matter what’s happening on the map. 

When it comes to finding opportunities, Omen is going to be the one in a team composition that creates openings for his team. His kit will often allow teammates with less-proactive skill sets to charge in and take initiative. Omen, by way of strangling the map and controlling certain sectors of vision, will usually be the one that teams will rely on to take the first step and make opportunities happen. Skirmishers like Jett and Raze will need to rely on and capitalize upon the opportunities made by the Omen player in order to execute on a “perfect engage”. 

A Truly Team-Oriented Character

Although he’s certainly different from other controllers and sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy, Omen is just as capable when it comes to controlling the map, establishing points of vision, and capitalizing on opportunities. He certainly stands out as one of the agents on the roster with the most amount of variable intrigue, as Omen is widely available to not only create opportunities for himself, but support the team in turn. 

Supamen: “I think he’s on the same level as Cypher when it comes to getting information on the enemy team.”

With Omen’s ability to gather information and create opportunities for his team in mind, it’s clear as to why he’s one of the most important characters on the VALORANT roster. Not only is he widely popular in ranked competitive play, but he’s highly contested in professional VALORANT, as well. 

What makes Omen stand out in a game like VALORANT, as well, is how perfectly he fits into a team-oriented game like this one. Whereas other FPS titles rely largely on a flat combination of individual skill, VALORANT takes the prospect of team-oriented gameplay and makes it a complete priority. A character like Omen, who is entirely focused on being a boon for teams with high synergy, is obviously going to be a massive priority pick across the board. In fact, with a pick-rate that currently hovers just over 20% on the competitive ladder, Omen is the second-most picked character in VALORANT, just behind Reyna. 

Supamen: “It’s even more important that you play with your team if you’re Immortal-plus, because your own performance doesn’t impact your rank, but your win-loss record will.”

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