9 Apr 24 - Guides

Mastering Aim and Improving in Fortnite: Tips from Pro Player Duke

Learn how to improve your aim in Fortnite from FNCS Champion, Duke!

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27 Mar 24 - Interviews

Getting to Know the Face of Competitive Fortnite: Aussie Antics

We sat down with Aussie Antics to talk about his career, why he joined Dignitas, and his perspective on Fortnite esports!

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11 Mar 24 - Interviews

Arsenal Talks New RLCS Season, Hopes for North America

During his first split with Dignitas, Arsenal talks about the RLCS season thus far and his Major hopes.

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5 Mar 24 - Interviews

DIG eXyu on the Mid-Split Performance

DIG eXyu shares his thoughts on Dignitas performance halfway through the split.

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What is Dignitas?

Dignitas is an international esports organization and one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the professional gaming industry, fielding teams in the world's largest and most popular games.

  • Sep 2003

    Dignitas was founded

  • Dec 2005

    Won first world championship (FIFA)

  • Jan 2013

    Invited to inaugural LCS season

  • Sep 2016

    Philadelphia 76ers acquired Dignitas

  • May 2023

    Dignitas wins FNCS Major 2 Finals

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