A Guide to Playing Better Duos in Fortnite with Pgod

We go over some of the most important tips to playing Duos with Fortnite pro Pgod


Fortnite Duos brings a new level of challenge to the game with more complex situations and requiring more strategic outputs. You’ll have to work closely with your duo partner to come out on top and beat all other duos. In this guide, we are joined by Piero “Pgod” Ramirez to talk about the best ways to play better with your duo partner.

How to Find a Duo Partner

The first step is to look for a duo partner if you don’t have one already. It’s important to know the difference between a casual partner and a more competitive one. A close friend isn’t always the only option as they might enjoy a more casual experience. In these cases, you will need a duo partner for competitive games. If you are struggling to find one, there are many ways to search for one. Going on social media and posting or looking for one is a great way to find someone. Websites like Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Discord and many more are good ones to use as long as you use the correct search terms like “looking for a duo Fortnite”. Other websites like Fortnite Tracker offer services that look for a duo partner for you. Simply click on LFP and follow the instructions.

Placing high in Solo Cash Cups is a challenging but great way to look for a duo partner as well. As you place higher and higher your name will start to get out there and you will have something to your name.

If you put in the time, effort, and hours in the game, your name is going to be known in the community. This happens a lot in these Solo Cash Cups. If you start performing well, people are going to know more about you. You can also challenge people to a game and get to know the community that way.

- Pgod

The Stronger the Relationship the Better

The longer you guys play together the stronger your relationship will be. You will start to get used to how you call out and talk. Being more comfortable with your partner is a really good advantage to have as a duo and you will see it in real time. That is why it is really important to focus on synergy while playing with someone. If you aren’t having a good time and are not playing well with them, then it doesn't matter how good your partner is because there will be no improvement with you and the team.

If you guys are playing a lot, practicing, and talking, then that makes you a good duo. If you are friends, it’s even better. If you both know that you are improving and getting better results every month then that will make the relationship even stronger. The stronger the relationship, the better you will do in tournaments.

- Pgod

Communication is Key

Communication is used during every single part in the game, early to end. Not communicating for an extended amount of period will have negative consequences. Naturally you will talk about damage, enemy location, direction, and upcoming plans. But it’s also noteworthy to talk about loadouts. Your loadout, your teammate’s loadout, and even your enemies’ loadouts. During each stage of the game try to call out each other's loadouts and mats. When you come across an enemy, try calling out any dangerous weapons you might spot like explosives.

When you do your call outs, the more specific, the better it is for your team. A simple way of calling out would be Ex: He’s over there by the house. But a more advanced and better way to call out would be Ex: He’s East, towards the right side, behind the blue house probably heading up. Notice how I described the exact location he was at, even using the compass. I also communicated what his next move might be, as it’s always important to know your enemy’s next move.

It’s also important to communicate urgency during a game. While in a neutral state, you will usually call out information in a calmer, lower tone. But as things ramp up you will call out with a louder, more urgent tone of voice. Instead of saying “Help me out,” it’s better to say, “HELP ME OUT!”. So always use the correct tone of voice during the right time so information is processed better.

Don’t forget to help your teammate out if one of you goes down. Any call outs or tips can aid your partner. It’s good to give suggestions but not outright interfere with your partner’s gameplay, because you aren’t the one behind the controls.

Communication is really important. You guys have to practice together, you guys have to scream together, you have to review each other. You have to be stern with what you do inside the game and outside of the game. Communication is top three, like it’s key for a duo to be successful.

- Pgod

A good way to improve communication is to review your call outs post-game. Recording the match and looking back at it is a good way to improve in general. Pay attention to what you and your teammate are and, especially, what you aren’t saying. If you aren’t communicating a vital piece of information, it’s important to note that.

How to Fight as a Duo

It’s important to plan out how you are going to split the roles and what the plan is for the game. There should be a strategy for who will be the Fragger and who will be the Support or IGL. For example, the Fragger should always have the best shotgun and the Support should always have other items like grapples or other heals. If you want more information on what each role does, this image by JaywellP gives most of the information that you will need to know.

Images courtesy of JaywellP on Reddit

Focus on how you will approach box fights. As you start to get used to each other more, you will know how to approach boxes better. It’s good to focus on who will take what wall or who will be the one breaking a wall and who will be the one building a wall. Building a strategy with box fights is a really good way to get better with your partner as box fights become more and more common.

Plan out your landing spots beforehand so there is no confusion as the game begins. Plan out where you will land and potential locations to go afterwards.

This is where individual training and training as a duo comes into play. If you guys are playing tournaments and are practicing with each other and without, then you will play better. It may take time, but you will see the results.

- Pgod


Playing Duos competitively may be challenging at first but going over these steps can really improve your gameplay. Make sure you have a good relationship with your partner, communicate well, and make sure to practice a whole lot.

Put in the time together. Try to build a friendship. Make sure the work is mutual and that both of you are putting in the time and work. That is what it takes to be successful.

- Pgod

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