An Overview of All NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4!

Find out where to find all NPCs, their locations and what good loot you can get from them! In this guide we’ll be covering everything you need to know about NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 4.


By Chapter 4 Season 1, experienced Fortnite players have grown accustomed to the multitude of NPCs (or Non-Player Characters) that are sprinkled throughout the map. This season is no different as this map boasts seventeen NPCs with a variety of goods and services. While most are friendly, NPCs can also be useful if you are interested in buying your favorite (or Exotic) weapon, hiring the character to fight (and possibly revive) for you and your team, as well as possibly fulfilling specific challenges.

In this article, we are going to take a look at where Chapter 4 Season 1’s NPCs spawn, what they sell, and other helpful information to get these characters crossed off your list.


Located furthest north of all NPCs, Aura can be found in Crude Harbor. You can hire her to protect you as well as having the option to buy Chug Splashes from her inventory. You could hold out on the Chug Splashes (unless there is an enemy nearby and you need some quick health or shield!) and see if you can get the Splash Medic Augment on your first set of Augments.


If you head to the southwest quadrant of the map to the “Shore Shack,” that is the blue house south of Shattered Slabs, you can find Evie out and about. From her, you can buy the Shadow Tracker pistol, which is silenced and will put a target above any enemy players that you shoot. She also sells a Rift for a quick exit or escape route.

Frozen Fishstick

Where would you find a frozen fish? In a frozen lake, of course! Up on the northern snowy portion of the map, you will find Frozen Fishtick around the south-east area of the biggest lake in the snow near Icy Islets. You can load up on shield with this NPC, as he carries Chug Kegs and Chili Chug Splashes.

Frozen Red Knight

The NPC known as Frozen Red Knight can be found in Brutal Bastion. You can spend gold to hire him, or you can warm him up by purchasing a Firefly Jar and igniting structures around you–just be sure not to get caught in the flames yourself!

Omega Knight

Wander out to the location known as Secluded Spire and you may run into the Omega Knight. This location is southwest of Slappy Shores and with this NPC you can purchase a Port-a-Bunker, and the Shockwave Hammer. As long as you have the gold and nobody has beat you to this knight, you can be sure to grab the Shockwave Hammer to smash the competition.

Princess Felicity Fish

Western Watch is the name of the location where Princess Felicity Fish can be found. This is a castle that is southwest of The Citadel. The princess sells both the exotic Grappler Bow, and she grants you the ability to tip the bus driver. Tipping the bus driver can make you feel good, as well as it gets rid of a large chunk of gold which may help you with some achievements.

Raptorian the Brave

Wander South of Anvil Square to Pleasant Passage, and you may run into Raptorian the Brave. He is all about the hire and fire–you can spend your gold and hire him so he will protect you, or you can purchase the Primal Flame Bow. This bow is great for heating up the competition, especially if the competition has built a large fort from wood!

Neymar Jr.

Where might you find Neymar Jr. this season? Well, on a soccer field, of course! This field is located northeast of Slappy Shores. With Neymar Jr. you can purchase an instant patch-up, or you can enjoy some Slap Juice for your on-the-go healing needs!

Scrapknight Jules

To continue on our Medieval kick, Scrapknight Jules can be found in the castle-like Eastern part of Faulty Splits. From her, you can blow the competition out to the lobby by purchasing a Rocket Launcher and then fly to freedom by purchasing a launch pad.


Helsie may be found a little to the northwest of Scrapknight Jules in Hidden Henge. You can hire her or purchase the Legendary Thunder Shotgun.

Joni the Red

This NPC is the first character on the list that has a chance to spawn in more than one location. Though both locations are in the south, they are in different quadrants of the map. Joni may spawn Rowdy Acres which is a barn to the southwest of Frenzy Fields or in the central building at Faulty Springs. It may take you a couple matches to catch both locations for this NPC. She can join your team for a price, or she will also sell you a Red-Eye Assault Rifle.


Our third frozen character also resides in the snow, to the northwest of Frozen Fishstick. In Cold Cavern, which is a cave east of Breakwater Bay, you can get ahead of the competition by paying to see the next storm circle location. You are also able to purchase the Primal Stink Bow for some smelly destruction.


Our next sun-hat-wearing NPC can be found at Frenzy Fields. You can have an endless supply of Chug Splash by purchasing a Chug Cannon from Sunflower, or you can launch yourself (or the competition) away with Impulse Grenades which she also sells.

Surrr Burger

The Surrr Burger NPC can be found around the houses in the middle of Anvil Square. You can have fun with your squad or trick the enemy by having the NPC turn you into a prop, or you can purchase the exotic weapon, “The Dub” shotgun. Be a little cautious of taking fall damage when using The Dub, as it launches you into the air with its ferocious kick.

Wild Card

This NPC does not spawn in just one location–he has the possibility of spawning in three! He may be found north of Shattered Slabs, on the western-most part of the island, or up near Breakwater Bay. It may take you a few matches to check him off your list. If you do happen to run into him, he can sell you an Unstable Bow which changes the types of arrows shooting, or this season’s explosive Ex-Caliber Rifle

Diamond Diva

Our last NPC-for-hire is Diamond Diva, and you can find her in Meadow Mansion, which is to the west of Frenzy Fields. She will join your team or sell you a Maven Shotgun for a price.

Renegade Shadow

The newest NPC to be uncovered, Renegade Shadow will sell you a Legendary Heavy Shotgun or he is also for hire. He can be found at Woodsy Ward which is east of Breakwater Bay

The Ageless

The final NPC may not be on the list, but he is also the only character that will try to kill you on sight. He is this season’s current boss fight. Possessing quite a bit of health, it may take you a little time and luck to take down The Ageless Champion, but you will be rewarded with “The Timeless Ex-Caliber Rifle” for your efforts.


Knowing where these characters are is half the battle when trying to complete the NPC list in Chapter 1 Season 4. Armed with the knowledge (and whatever you may buy) from these NPC, will help you get your ideal loadout, a quick escape, a boost over the competition, or something checked off your list! Just be sure to farm gold if you frequently buy shields, weapons and items from the NPCs. You may also want to give hiring them a chance, and hope that doing so will help carry you to victory.

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