How to Spend Stars in Operation Broken Fang

As we settle into CS:GO's latest operation, let's look at the most efficient way to spend your stars.


At long last, Operation Broken Fang has finally arrived. With it comes the opportunity to upgrade your Operation Broken Fang Challenge Coin, compete on all-new maps, and of course, a chance to get some beautiful new weapon skins. As we enter week 7, you'll have undoubtedly collected a decent number of Stars. If you're like most players, you want to find a way to maximize your potential for profit through the redemption of those Stars. Let's dive into a number of strategies to do just that.

Operation Broken Fang

Method One: Safe Play

The first method is a nearly surefire way to make back some of the cash you spent on the Operation Pass. It's also the least entertaining. Using your Stars on Operation Broken Fang Cases is the safest play here, but it will take some time for the case prices to rise. Let's look back at some previous Operations, such as Operation Phoenix. That case came out in February of 2014, and spent several years trading at less than $0.10 each. Now, it is going for just under $0.50 each. A smart buyer could've made significant profit if they loaded up on thousands of these cases when they were going for dirt cheap.

Another prime example is the Operation Hydra Case, which dropped in late May of 2017. Just a few months later, these cases bottomed out around $0.10 each, and have more recently flew up above $7.00. As these cases are going for just under a dollar right now, expect them to hover at a fairly stable price throughout the duration of the operation, and then eventually climb up after it ends. At the price of two Stars per case, you can definitely accrue a solid number of these cases by the end of Week 16. If you're looking for a clean and easy way to turn your Stars back into real money, this is the way to go. However, there are always other options.

Method Two: Shiny Stuff

Next up will be a more risky route you can consider taking. The market for stickers is always intriguing, and with both the Broken Fang Sticker Collection and the Recoil Sticker Collection available during this Operation, we certainly have plenty of potential rewards to open.

Let's look first at the Recoil Sticker Collection. For just a single Star, you could have a chance at a Gold sticker, a few of which would net you massive profit in terms of percentages. There are 32 total stickers in this Collection. Half are standard, High Grade stickers that depict one of 16 different weapons in the game. The other half are identical in appearance, with the exception of their color. All of these Remarkable Stickers are black with gold signatures, whereas their cheaper counterparts have a black signature on a brightly colored background. The most expensive at the moment is the Hello AWP (Gold) sticker which is of the Remarkable Variety, and the odds are slim that you'd be able to unbox it.

Now for the other Sticker Collection, the one that shares a name with this Operation. The Broken Fang Sticker Collection features half as many stickers as the Recoil Sticker Collection, and is more similar to traditional Collections we've seen in the past. Ten of these stickers are High Grade, four are Remarkable, and two are Exotic. The fan favorite at the moment seems to be a Battle Scarred (Holo), which is currently selling for more than both of the Foil stickers in this Collection combined. As with the previous collection, you do have a chance at massive gains here, up near 1,000% profit if you managed to pull the most expensive sticker on your first go.

These stickers aren't very liquid based on recent Steam Market data, so I would personally not head down this route if you want to maximize profit. The odds are that you'll receive a sticker worth less than the Star you trade in for it, but there is always a chance at profit. If you do manage to get lucky, you'll be making more profit from the sticker route than the case route, at least while the operation is active. It's difficult to predict the future price patterns of the stickers in these cases, but as I mentioned, both casual players and investors are looking at the Battle Scarred (Holo) at the moment, as that sticker seems to be primed for a price jump.

Method Three: High Risk, High Reward

This method will almost certainly leave you disappointed. Let's get that out of the way up-front. Unless you are willing to buy a bunch of extra Stars, you will probably find nothing of any significant value with this method. However, people play the lottery and hit casinos for a reason. There's always a chance. Should you opt for this method, you'll be trading in your Stars by the four, with a nearly 100% chance of receiving a Consumer Grade or Industrial Grade skin, worth somewhere around 50 cents on average. Best case scenario, you can hope for a dollar or two from skins of this type. If you pull anything Mil-Spec, you'll start to garner some small profits.

Meanwhile, the Restricted items are currently hanging around the 40 dollar area. The same can be said for Classified skins, which are trading anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars or so. If you're incredibly lucky, you may find yourself the owner of a brand new AWP | Fade, AK-47 | X-Ray, or M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle. Each of those skins is the highest rarity of their collection, which are known as The Control Collection, The Havoc Collection, and The Ancient Collection respectively.

Of course, these high-tier skins are exceedingly rare, and you should not rely on this to actually result in you getting any of them without purchasing more Stars. If you manage to pull one of these from one of your first few openings, you'd probably be wise to take your profits and just use the rest of your Stars on Method One. But, then again, if you're brazen enough to even test the waters with Method Three, you're probably going to remain fully committed regardless of what I say.


While there's a shot at making some easy money through this operation, not everyone will be lucky enough to hit a home run with some crazy unboxing. The safest and most boring bet is to run with Method One, the middle ground is Method Two, and the all-or-nothing play is Method Three. Be sure to consider your unique situation in order to choose the best route for you. Best of luck with whatever you choose. If you're looking for some creative utility guides, check out one of my guides, such as this one on Inferno. For more Dignitas content and updates, check out the #Digscord.

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