Interview With We Dem Girlz Rocket League Captain - remkoe

I sit down with remkoe and talk about his view on RL and what it takes to be a Champion.


Remco 'remkoe' den Boer is a Professional Rocket League player for We Dem Girlz. The 23-year old Dutch player originally began his career in 2015 with Spectral and has played for other organizations such as Northern Gaming and Team EnVyUs. He has placed in numerous events, including 1st Place in RLCS Season 3.

You recently rejoined We Dem Girlz in August after previously being with them back in 2016. What led to We Dem Girlz being recreated and what has it been like being back so far?

remkoe: Feels great - I've received a lot of positive words from fans that love seeing the We Dem Girlz name back in RLCS. We used the name because we weren't going to be able to find ourselves an org in time for RLCS, and I knew some people would appreciate the return of WDG, so we went with that.

At the time of this interview, you and WDG are currently 3-1 in RLCS 6 and have an upcoming game this Sunday, the 30th against Mousesports. How are you feeling in regard to the way you and the team are playing so far this season?

remkoe: We've had a really good start to our season; both EyeIgnite and I have been playing a lot more confident with the addition of Metsanauris to the team, and I'm feeling pretty well going into our last three games.

When you have an upcoming game, what amount of practice and training takes place? Are hours played heavily increased or do they stay the same?

remkoe: Team practice hours definitely increase before the season. We scrim every day in the week and will only miss a day if someone really can't commit to showing up for scrims. The difference between off season and RLCS scrims haven't really changed since Metsanauris joined because we really wanted to put in the practice we needed with him from day 1.

You’ve placed in numerous events in the past – which event has meant the most to you so far and which event(s) do you and WDG hope to take in the next year?

remkoe: Tied between Season 3 and Season 5 of RLCS. Season 3 obviously deserves a mention because it's the one RLCS season I ended up winning. Season 5 was really important to me because Season 4 was the first RLCS season I missed out on, so knowing we were able to bounce back and qualify for Season 5 felt incredibly good.

Who has been your favorite teammate to play with in your Rocket League career? Are there any teams what you look forward to playing against?

remkoe: Currently wouldn't ask for different teammates as I'm really enjoying practising with both EyeIgnite and Metsanauris and I think they're great players. Even though we have a good start to our RLCS season, I still think we have a lot more potential, and we're doing everything we can to work towards something better - teams have always something to improve on. Other than that, I've never had major issues teaming with anyone in the past and have always enjoyed playing with everyone that I've had the chance to share a team with. Definitely created some good friendships.

What would you personally say is the thing you need to work on the most and what steps do you take to better yourself when you see a flaw, no matter how small, in your play?

remkoe: Decision making. While mechanical skill is also very important, decision making > mechanical plays at all times in high level games and it's something I've always been working on, and will be working on in the future.

What are a few things you know now about Rocket League that you wish you knew when you first started? Do you have any tips to your fans that might help them push their game to the next level?

remkoe: Honestly, not sure. The game has evolved so much the past three years that there's tons of things people know now that back then nobody knew about.

How do you feel about the current state of Rocket League? If you were able to, what changes would you make?

remkoe: When it comes to the esports side of things I'm sure a lot of pros would agree on in-game items, more LANs, etc. The game itself definitely needs to stay fresh to keep the casual player base happy too. I think Fortnite does a great job with their seasons on how they change the map, add a bunch of new items to keep people interested. Definitely wouldn't want something like that in Rocket League but I'm hoping Psyonix can keep coming up with things that keeps the game fun. Rocket League is very simple and extremely repetitive so it's definitely necessary.

Has there ever been a moment in your Rocket League career where you’ve thought about stepping away from the game forever? Do you still see yourself playing this professionally 3 years from now?

remkoe: Not stopping till I have to and won't even think about stopping till I have to. I can see myself still being around three years from now. I'll be around for as long as I can. Definitely found my passion for competing and there's nothing I'd rather do than compete at the highest level in Rocket League.

To wrap up, a couple easy questions! What other games do you enjoy playing when you need a break from Rocket League and if possible, what one other game would you choose to be a professional in?

remkoe: Currently World of Warcraft! I've always been hopping around from game to game over the years with Rocket League just being my main game. If I were to go pro in any other game, it'd definitely be CS:GO, because their events have some crazy atmosphere and their esports fans all seem amazing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to?

remkoe: Shoutout to the fans that support our team no matter what - nothing better than seeing supportive messages both through rough times and when we're doing well. It's easy to support a team when they're winning but it means a lot more seeing support when things aren't going too well.

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Interview With We Dem Girlz Rocket League Captain - remkoe
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