Interview With We Dem Girlz Rocket League Player - EyeIgnite

I chat with EyeIgnite about the team's recent success and what's in store for the future.


Jordan 'EyeIgnite' Stellon is a professional Rocket League player for We Dem Girlz. The 22-year old from England has had his share of success, especially as of late as he just won ELEAGUE alongside remkoe and Metsanauris. We Dem Girlz have been on fire with no signs of slowing down. I chat with him about what got him into Rocket League as more than a hobby as well as what's in store for him and the rest of WDG.

You’ve been on the professional Rocket League scene basically from the beginning – what was the initial appeal of the game to you and did you ever think you would achieve this level of success?

EyeIgnite: I'm not sure what specifically about the game dragged me in. It just looked really fun and I was going through somewhat of a 'bored of everything' phase. I played for a long time without even thinking that Rocket League could even become a game that people could make money from. I just played all day everyday cause it was a fun game.

At what point would you say your Rocket League career really took off?

EyeIgnite: It was definitely when I joined Envy. That being my gateway into RLCS and more high-tier tournaments, was for sure when it started becoming more of a career and less of a hobby.

After NV released its Rocket League roster, did any part of you want to retire at that point or did it fuel you to keep grinding even harder?

EyeIgnite: The thought of retiring then didn't even cross my mind. It didn't change much at all really. I was playing the same amount with the same goal; to win RLCS.

After leaving NV, you and remkoe stuck together and brought in Metsanauris to form Ex-Envy – what was the process like in bringing him in with you guys as your third?

EyeIgnite: Bring Metsa into the team was a really smooth process to be honest. We had a few people we wanted to try out, but we played with Metsa first and it felt really comfortable so we just decided on him right there. He's a really easy person to get along with and he's so versatile in game he can fill in anywhere.

After a week of forming Ex-Envy, you formed ‘We Dem Girlz’ – what was it that made you guys decide on this name? Were there any other names that almost made it?

EyeIgnite: I don't think any of us were really too bothered about what name we use since we figured it would only be short term, so Remkoe just suggested we reuse WDG so we don't have to think of one.

There’s no denying that WDG is one of the top teams in the world right now, currently sitting at the top of the LPRating – do you think you guys will be picked up by an org sometime soon?

EyeIgnite: Just wait...

You recently took 1st in ELEAGUE after beating C9, the team that had kept you from the finals RLCS 6 – what did it mean to not only get your revenge, but to also come out on top?

EyeIgnite: It was incredible. The feeling of winning an event like that is indescribable, but there was definitely a sense of sweet justice after their domination at Worlds. They were playing really amazing in Vegas, and it was crazy to see we could turn it up on them the same way.

How do you feel about the current state of Rocket League and the professional scene surrounding it? Would there be anything that you’d change if you could?

EyeIgnite: I think Rocket League is in a good state right now and only getting better. I don't know anything about making a successful esport, but I'm extremely hopeful that 2019 will be the year we make this game the best esport on the planet. The four Dreamhack LANs announced are already a massive step in the right direction and with the recent news of team items, the future is looking bright.

For you and the rest of WDG, what are your main goals going into 2019 and into the next season?

EyeIgnite: Right now we're gonna enjoy the Christmas holidays before we get back on the grind for the next year of events. We're gonna be working hard to get more and more consistent placements and hopefully take that RLCS7 trophy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Is there anyone that you’d like to give a shoutout to?

EyeIgnite: Pretty much thank you to everyone that has supported me this past year. I read everything and I love and appreciate it all.

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Interview With We Dem Girlz Rocket League Player - EyeIgnite
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