Interview with DignitasVIE Lekr0: “These next few months are going to be really good for us”

Lekr0 talks about the return to work after a few weeks on vacation, how the first days of work went, what the team is working on and the eventual return to LAN.


Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson, along with the rest of the team, is finally back to work and playing after a few weeks on vacation. Getting eager to play, the team is motivated to fix on the mistakes they’ve noticed on the first matches played while also having their eyes set on the coming bootcamp as well as future LANs that are almost coming back to reality.

The break is finally over! Is the team fully back to work?

Lekr0: We had a long break. I think everyone's been eager to come back and play, and I feel like everyone's really happy that the season started again.

What about f0rest? He had a child recently and took a few weeks absence - can the fans expect to see him again at 100%?

Lekr0: I think f0rest has been looking forward to playing again as well, and I think it's really good to have him back. In our recent games so far, he's really doing what he usually does best!

What’s the first order of business you’re taking care of?

Lekr0: Coming back from the break we started working on a map that we picked before going on vacation, so I think that's mostly what we're focusing on right now.

Are you changing your approach to practice and officials compared to the first half of the year?

Lekr0: I think we started a bit slower doing just practices in the beginning, getting back the feel of the game, running everything we have all over again. We started slowly but now we're getting back to our usual practice setup.

This might start changing soon with the “online-era” slowly coming to an end. Ready to return to LANs?

Lekr0: Yeah, everyone really wants to play LANs again, that's what it's all about! Before it was just online, basic qualifiers, or stuff like that but now it's going to be the main thing and I think everyone is looking forward to it.

Do you think the team will work better in a LAN environment?

Lekr0: Yeah, definitely. I think we have a lot of players that prefer to play on LAN, they have a lot of experience so I think that's one of our strongest points.

Talking about LANs, f0rest told me you're trying to set up a LAN in the next few weeks. Are you looking forward to it?

Lekr0: Yeah it's going to be really nice, I still haven't met at all the players from the team yet so I think it will be really nice meeting each other and be able to go through things outside the server as well. Bootcamps are really important for things like that and it's been really hard these last years.

You've already had a few matches after coming back to work. You've won one and lost another so far. What can you tell me about those matches?

Lekr0: It's nice coming back and playing matches again. I think we didn't play up to our max potential, but it made it quite obvious what we need to fix for the future so I think it was really good for us, because there were no other major issues that we saw. Every match is a good experience.

What news can the fans expect in the next few months?

Lekr0: I think we're gonna improve really fast. These next few months are going to be really good for us and we're already getting a good start here.

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