Introducing "Pal Fight": The Ultimate Fortnite UEFN Experience

Everything you need to know about Pal Fight and how to reach the ultimate goal of unlocking the rarest Digipal of them all.

Fortnite enthusiasts, meet “Pal Fight”, Dignitas' latest UEFN creation. Dignitas, a leading force in esports and gaming innovation, skillfully designed this dynamic creative map. Most notably, Dignitas' map, Bugha’s End Game, was recently nominated for Best in UEFN at The Game Awards! Pal Fight is an activity-packed, open-world tycoon experience that provides something for everybody. Whether you want to hone your building skills in zone wars, test your agility in parkour, or relax in the park while chatting with friends, Pal Fight has you covered in this free-for-all style map.

In this in-depth guide, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about Pal Fight and how to reach the ultimate goal of unlocking the rarest Digipal of them all.

Map Code: 6867-2935-2318


Choose Your Starter Digipal: Your Journey Begins

At the heart of "Pal Fight" lies the pivotal decision of selecting your starter Digipal. This choice will not only shape your initial loadout but also determine your main ability throughout the game. Approach the Isabelle NPC at the Welcome Desk and select from a fire, grass, or water egg. Hatch your first Digipal and get ready to begin your evolution journey. Choose wisely, as this selection is irreversible.

Play Mini Games: Test Your Skills and Earn Rewards

Dive into various mini-games scattered across the map by simply stepping into one of the teleporters. Whether you seek the adrenaline rush of battle or the thrill of overcoming obstacles, "Pal Fight" is the perfect game to play alongside friends. Rack up gold by showcasing your prowess in eliminations, emerging victorious in Battle Royale clashes, mastering the parkour course, or even selling fish at the Fishing Village.

Battle Royale Break: Fight or Train, the Choice is Yours

Every five minutes, adventurers are presented with a pivotal decision: to join the fray in a realistic Battle Royale zone wars arena or to continue honing their skills in other activities. Engage in intense combat where every elimination rewards you with coveted gold, bringing you one step closer to unlocking new pals and possibilities.

Unlock New Pals: Expand Your Arsenal

Visit the Pal Packs counter and interact with the Diamond Hanz NPC to exchange your hard-earned gold for Pal Packs. Each pack holds the potential to unlock new Digipals, allowing you to access a variety of weapons, visual effects, and consumables. Choose from Bronze, Silver, or Gold packs, each offering varying odds of obtaining legendary Mythic Pals that could change the course of your adventure.

Bronze Pack (100 gold coins)

  • 95% chance: Obtain a Digipal of water, fire, or grass element.
  • 5% chance: Chance to acquire a coveted Mythic Pro Pal.

Silver Pack (200 gold coins)

  • 90% chance: Acquire a Digipal of water, fire, or land element.
  • 10% chance: Opportunity to obtain a Mythic Pro Pal.

Gold Pack (500 gold coins)

  • 75% chance: Secure a Digipal of water, fire, or land element.
  • 25% chance: Higher likelihood to obtain a prestigious Mythic Pro Pal.

Evolve Your Digipal: Unleash Their True Potential

From unique abilities to increased health and powerful loadouts, each evolution brings you one step closer to mastering the art of combat. Strive for greatness as you ascend through Evolution 1, 2, and 3, transforming your Digipal into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Guide your Digipals through three evolutionary stages, each unlocking unique enhancements:

  • Evolution 1: Acquire a unique ability exclusive to your Digipal.
  • Evolution 2: Witness a boost in maximum health (HP) alongside a purple/epic loadout.
  • Evolution 3: Experience further HP increases, wield a gold/legendary loadout, and enjoy the perk of instant reloads.

Embark on the Final Quest: Hatch the Ultimate Digipal

Venture forth and collect all five legendary Digipals scattered throughout the map to unlock the gateway to the rarest Pal in the game. Break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and prove your worthiness as a true champion. The ultimate challenge awaits those brave enough to pursue it, offering untold rewards and glory to those who dare to dream.


Explore the various amenities of the Pal Center, from the AFK Area where you can passively earn gold to the Shield Shop where you can stock up on essential supplies. Delve into the depths of the Armory to customize your weapons or engage in thrilling Box Fights and No Build PvP battles on the Mini Games Floor. Every corner holds new opportunities for adventure and discovery.

AFK Area: Relax and Earn Gold

Take a break from the action and unwind in the AFK Area, where you can earn gold effortlessly while seated. Relax and watch your wealth grow at a rate of 10 gold per minute, providing a convenient way to bolster your resources without breaking a sweat.

Shield Shop: Stock Up on Essential Supplies

Prepare for battle by visiting the Shield Shop, where you can exchange your hard-earned gold for a variety of essential items. Purchase mini and large shield potions, Med-Mists, and Slurp Juices to fortify yourself against the challenges that lie ahead, ensuring you're ready for whatever comes your way.

Pal Powers and Collection: Unlock New Possibilities

Interact with the ATM to access your pal collection and unlock new companions. Discover all the available Digipals and their unique abilities. Choose wisely as you expand your collection and unlock your team's true potential.

Mini Games (2nd Floor): Test Your Skills and Earn Rewards

Armory: Customize Your Arsenal

Enhance your weapons at the Armory by utilizing the weapons modification bench to add attachments and enhancements. Tailor your arsenal to suit your playstyle by adding an extended magazine, an enhanced scope, or a muzzle attachment, empowering you to dominate the battlefield with precision and power.

Box Fights: Engage in Intense Combat

Enter the fray in thrilling Box Fights scattered across the Mini Games Floor. Rush towards any downward arrow to enter a box and engage in intense combat where builds reset every minute. Earn 10 gold for each elimination and use it to purchase Pal Packs, healing items, and more.

No Build PvP: Utilize Natural Cover

Glide down to any location and utilize natural cover to outmaneuver your foes in No Build PvP battles. Run through the trees and use the terrain to your advantage as you earn 10 gold for each elimination, proving your combat strength without the need for building structures.

Park: Refine Your Skills or Relax

Unwind in the tranquil surroundings of the Park, where you can hang out and relax while earning rewards. Complete the parkour course to unlock a juiced gold spawn and venture into the Fishing Village to catch and sell fish to the NPC for additional gold.

The Mythic Quest: Unlock the Elusive Mythic Digipal

Embark on the fabled Mythic Quest by gathering all five legendary Digipals inspired by players on the Dignitas Fortnite roster such as Khanada, Bugha, and Cooper. Speak with the detective NPC to gain access to a secret realm where the ultimate challenge awaits. What lies beyond the purple corridor remains a closely guarded secret, reserved only for the most skilled and determined adventurers. Prepare to put your skills to the test as you uncover the rarest pal in the game, with untold rewards awaiting those who dare to seek it.


"Pal Fight” is the ultimate gaming experience within UEFN, offering players an immersive and endlessly captivating adventure unlike any other. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and become a legend in your own right? The battle awaits, adventurer. Choose your path wisely.

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