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Master the Arena: Your Guide to Dominating Dignitas' New Fortnite Map with AussieAntics

Learn how to play AussieAntics' new 1v1 map!

Welcome to the ultimate showdown in the Fortnite metaverse: Antics 1v1 Arena. In collaboration with one of Fortnite's biggest content creators, AussieAntics, we’ve created an incredible UEFN map that promises thrilling competitive play, interactive features, and a blend of entertainment and a true test of skill.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, Antics 1v1 Arena offers an exhilarating experience for everyone. Here's our comprehensive guide that will assist you in mastering the arena and climbing to the top of the leaderboard!

What is Antics 1v1 Arena?

Antics 1v1 Arena is an innovative new creative UEFN map, playable in Fortnite, hosted by AussieAntics. Set in a sci-fi stadium, it features a unique 1v1 ladder system where players challenge each other to ascend the leaderboard and strive to hold the central arena for the longest streak. With unique game master powers, AussieAntics introduces unpredictable twists, enhancing both player and spectator engagement.

Key Features

  • Unique 1v1 Ladder System: Compete in a dynamic ladder system where your goal is to reach and hold Arena One.
  • Game Master Controls: AussieAntics can manipulate game elements, adding exciting challenges and surprises.
  • Spectator Function: Watch top players battle it out in real time through the observation window in the lobby.
  • Career Stats and Ranks: Track your performance and progress through ranks similar to the Ranked mode of Fortnite Battle-Royale.
  • Fast Action: Enjoy quick match setups with minimal wait times.
  • Save Progression: Your stats and progression are saved, ensuring you can pick up where you left off.

Getting Started: How to Play

  1. Join the Game: Enter the map using the code 7144-8049-5678.
  2. Enter the Lobby: In the lobby, you can vote for load-outs, check the leaderboard, and spectate the current first-place players in the main arena.
  3. Queue for Matches: Enter the matchmaking queue for 1v1 ladder matches. You'll be matched with another player in a secluded space, away from spectators.
  4. Climb the Ladder: Win matches to move up the ladder. The ultimate goal is to reach Arena 1 and maintain the longest streak.
  5. Main Arena Battles: Once you reach Arena 1, you battle in the central arena, visible to all players and spectators. The pressure will be on!
  6. Rewards and Recognition: Hold Arena 1 to earn rewards and be showcased in streams.


The gameplay in Antics 1v1 Arena is designed to be fast-paced and competitive. Here’s how a typical session unfolds:

  • Lobby Activities: Check stats, vote on load-outs, and watch top players.
  • Match Queueing: Enter the queue for a 1v1 match. You'll be matched based on skill level.
  • 1v1 Battles: Fight in a secluded arena. Winning moves you up the ladder; losing drops you down.
  • Arena One: The highest-ranking player fights in the main arena, striving to maintain a streak.
  • Rewards: Players with the longest streaks earn the best rewards and recognition.

Game Master Controls

AussieAntics has unique ‘Game Master’ powers that can dramatically alter the gameplay. At any moment, Aussie can join your game and completely take control of its trajectory! Stay alert and be ready for various sabotages to activate!

These include:

  • Low Gravity
  • Loadouts (Pistols only, shotguns only, SMG only, Sniper Only, RPG only, etc)
  • 1HP
  • Zero Build Mode
  • Delete Player Builds
  • Jail Players
  • Super Speed
  • And that’s not all, Aussie wants to keep you guessing!

With Aussie in the control seat, you can be sure that each match will be unpredictable and exciting, which adds a layer of entertainment to the gameplay.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events

Antics 1v1 Arena is for more than just competitive practice. Practice to prepare yourself for some exciting high-stakes tournaments and events!

Pro vs. Pro Showcase

Prepare for a truly competitive spectacle, as AussieAntics hosts a pro 1v1 tournament featuring some of Fortnite's biggest names like Bugha, Clix, Peterbot, and Khanada. These titans of Fortnite will clash in epic 1v1 battles, but with AussieAntics' game master controls in play, expect the unexpected.

Will Aussie turn off gravity? Will he jail certain players? Tune in to find out how he’ll mess with the pros and keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

Community vs. Community Challenge

This two-week event pits the community against itself in a fierce competition to top the arena leaderboard. Players will battle it out, striving to reach the top 10 and secure a spot in the final showdown. The finale will be a live-streamed event where AussieAntics will add his signature twists, making each match unpredictable. With a substantial cash prize at stake, who will rise to the occasion, and who will fall under the pressure?

Pros vs. Community Face-Off

In an ultimate test of skill, the best community player will face off against a handpicked selection of top pros by AussieAntics. This high-octane event not only offers additional cash prizes but also a chance for community members like you to shine on the big stage. Imagine going toe-to-toe with Fortnite legends under the watchful eye of AussieAntics, who might just throw in a curveball or two. It's like David versus Goliath, with a Fortnite twist!

How to Join

To join the action in Antics 1v1 Arena, use the map code 7144-8049-5678. Whether you're aiming to top the leaderboard or just enjoy some high-energy 1v1 battles, this map offers something for everyone. Stay tuned for upcoming events and tournaments, and get ready to fight your way to the top of the Champions Arena!

For the latest updates and event announcements, follow AussieAntics and Dignitas Fortnite on social media.

If you want future updates on our exciting UEFN creations, you can follow me as well.

Get ready to experience the thrill of Antics 1v1 Arena and prove that YOU are the ultimate Fortnite Arena Champion!

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