Team Dignitas LoL EU Roster Changes: Two New Players, Brokenshard Head Coach

We welcome both Obvious and Nisbeth while Brokenshard switches to Head Coach.


In February 2015 Team Dignitas picked up a European League of Legends team to represent us in the Challenger Series. Two months later the Spring Split has ended and despite qualifying for playoffs, the team was forced to forfeit due to age restrictions on players competing at the playoffs and a lack of substitute availability. Throughout the season the team noticed that some things could improve and in order to fix these changes and increase their chances of getting into LCS after the Summer Split, the players have decided to make some roster changes.

First of all we welcome a new support player, Nicolai 'Nisbeth' Nisbeth, who is most known for his time as an LCS player for Meet Your Makers. He has been a very high Elo player for several seasons and his teammates describe his as a very strong mechanical Support. He will help with ingame shotcalling and has already established good synergy with his teammates.

Next, we welcome Dennis 'Obvious' Sørensen as our new Jungler. He has played for teams such as nFaculty or Gamers2 and has been Challenger Elo for nearly 5 seasons now. He is also widely regarded as a great Jungler by other pro players in the scene.

Last but not least, Ram 'Brokenshard' Djemal will be moving from Jungler to Head Coach. Having plenty of experience as an LCS player, we believe his knowledge of both the game and the personalities within this lineup will definitely benefit the team. Of course he is still receiving the help from Froskurrin who maintains her position as co-coach/analyst for our European lineup.

We want to thank our former Support Voidle for all his time and commitment during the last weeks of the Spring Split. Now, without further ado, please give our two new members a warm welcome!

Ram 'Brokenshard' Djemal

"After everything that took place in the last EUCS split, everything from the team being signed to unfortunately having to forfeit the playoffs, Team Dignitas EU will be making a few very important changes coming in to the next EU Challenger Series. I'll be highlighting every change and giving you guys some information regarding why we are these making these changes and what we hope to accomplish.

Our first major change will be the addition of two new players to the roster: Obvious in the jungle and Nisbeth in the support role. Team synergy was somewhat of an issue in the last split; we could see that even though we had some very capable, invidivually skilled players, we lacked coordination in important teamfights and late game shotcalling which ultimately led us to lose many games which could easily have been won. We were able to remedy this towards the end of the split and take a very convincing 2-0 win against Reason Gaming, however everyone on the team felt that more changes needed to be made to further solidify the goal of becoming one of the best EU CS teams. Nisbeth is being brought in to help with supportive calling in the bottom lane as well as throughout the map. He is a player that Kobbe feels very comfortable playing with and has good relationships with other players on the team, notably Sencux and Obvious. Obvious coming in to replace me in the jungle I hope will allow us to use our resources as best as possible. He is a strong mechanical player with great work ethic and good attitude. I know him to be a very motivated and skilled player both in his mechanical ability and his decision making in all stages of the game and I am confident he will be a good addition to the team.

The next major change would be regarding my position on the team and our support staff. I will no longer be jungler of the lineup, but rather, the head coach of the team. We had been using Froskurrin as our head coach for the last week of EUCS; her game knowledge and analytical ability are both at very high levels and she communicates very well with the team. It was internally discussed between us that the best usage of our resources would be to work together in a head coach - co-coach/analyst dynamic. I look forward to working with Froskurrin more and more as I respect her analytical ability and know that with her by my side I can become a great coach and in turn help lead the team into LCS.

My task was simple: make all the necessary changes needed to make sure that our lineup was poised to dominate the EU challenger series and in turn make it into the LCS. With the full backing of the Team Dignitas staff and organization, as well as the excellent support staff and motivation that the players have, we feel that these changes are exactly what we need moving forward to make Team Dignitas EU a competitive team moving forward in the summer split.

I'd like to thank our fans for their support, the players and support staff of Team Dignitas EU for their commitment and motivation, and Team Dignitas and all their sponsors for their continued support of the team."

Team Dignitas LoL EU Roster Changes: Two New Players, Brokenshard Head Coach
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