Interview with dignitas CoreJJ on relegations against FSN: "Nien's teamfight positioning made things difficult"

Interview with Dignitas CoreJJ after Relegations about his preparation and the games against Fusion for LCS Relegations.


Team Dignitas AD Carry Yong-in 'CoreJJ' Jo just finished his first split with our League of Legends team. After the Relegation matches against Team Fusion, I had a chance to sit down with CoreJJ with the help of our translator to talk about his first split and the relegation matches.

Now that Azingy has been on the team for a while now, how do you feel the adaptation has been?

CoreJJ: At first there were a lot of things we didn't see eye-to-eye on since he didn't have enough experience, but I think we're all getting along better mainly because Azingy is really self-determined to learn and improve.

What is it about Azingy's self determination that stands out to you?

CoreJJ: I'm pretty sure that Azingy is the most curious and asks the most questions out of all the League of Legends players in the world.

Transitioning to your teamplay, what impact does he feel that Rico has had on communication?

CoreJJ: To me, the most important change after Rico came into the team as our coach is that we stopped avoiding the problems within the team, such as communication. We started taking on the issues directly and I think we're starting to fix these issues as time passes.

Specifically though, how do you feel yours and Gamsu's communication with the rest of the team has changed?

CoreJJ: Overall, I don't think there was a change to how we communicate. But I think having the coach clarify for us, "This is what you should do in this situation," for specific things made things a lot more cleaner.

In the last interview you specifically mentioned how you wanted to make your family proud, was that a large factor in mentally preparing for relegations?

CoreJJ: Yes. I thought that if we were the type of team that would lose in relegations, we wouldn't be able to get a good result anyway, even if we went to the next season. I had faith that we were not the kind of team to fall here, so there wasn't too much pressure ahead of the match.

So then when the match got to the fifth game, what was your mindset and thinking going into game five?

CoreJJ: To be honest, I had a pretty firm grip over myself before we got to game 5. But once we got to game 5, I started getting seriously worried. I couldn't think of anything in game 5.

Did you just let your instincts take over at that point?

CoreJJ: Maybe it was because of the Jinx carry from the last game, but the only thing I could think of was how I should kill that Jinx.

With that in mind, what was your opinion on Nientonsoh's performance? Also Fusion as a whole, if they're LCS worthy or not.

CoreJJ: Yes, Nien's teamfight positioning made things difficult. I think there was a lot for me to learn today. My thoughts are that Fusion is a good team. In a way, I kind of want to prove that they really were a good team by going on and doing well in the LCS (myself).

What's the goal for yourself and the team in summer split?

CoreJJ: Personally I want to make it so that every AD Carry feels uncomfortable to have to play against me. For the team goal, I want to go to the World Championship no matter what. I don't need anything else.

Great goal, do you have anything you'd like to say to your fans or sponsors?

CoreJJ: I'll make sure I give good performances and show myself improving more and more from now on, please keep watching me. Also I'd like to thank all of Team Dignitas' sponsors: Corsair Gaming, Alienware, Western Digital, iiyama, TP Link, Intel, Scan, and Twitch.

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Interview with dignitas CoreJJ on relegations against FSN: "Nien's teamfight positioning made things difficult"
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