Interview with Gamsu: "I think the players that hit rank 1 in Korean solo queue are amazing."

Interview with League of Legends top Laner Gamsu on the Summer split and his role in the team. 


After week one of the LCS Summer Split, and their crushing victory over Cloud 9, I sat down with Youngjin 'Gamsu' Noh. We talked about the break between splits, his teammates, and the games this weekend.

After a close relegation series, what did you do over your short break before the Summer Split?

Gamsu: I didn’t play League, I just focused on getting rested. I think I got a lot of driving lessons in particular. I got my driver’s license in January, but I felt like I still needed more practice to actually drive a car. I practiced a lot with my parents for later.

Throughout the offseason, Team Impulse’s Rush got a lot of hype by hitting rank 1 in Korean Solo queue, and people act like it’s a legendary feat. Do you feel rank 1 in Korean Solo queue is worthy of such praise, when no one really pays attention to who is rank 1 in NA solo queue?

Gamsu: Yes. I think the players that hit rank 1 in Korean solo queue are amazing. I don’t know what it’s like now, but back when I was playing, climbing in solo queue meant that it was going to be more difficult to win League Points because things got more competitive. Meanwhile, climbing in NA solo queue just made the queue (wait) times longer, but it didn’t necessarily change anything like the players I was getting matched with. I think that’s one difference.

Ever since Rico joined the team as Head Coach you’ve been more outgoing and open with your teammates, has he been a factor in this?

Gamsu: I’m not sure. I personally feel like I get along with my teammates the same way.

Last split you were perceived as the mentor on the team, helping Kiwikid improve his macro strategy. How do you feel that your guidance has shaped them?

Gamsu: Yes, there’s a lot more times when he shows everyone some amazing plays when he concentrates.

Against CLG on Saturday, you ran Ignite over Smite on Hecarim, which has become the main choice of most top laners in the professional scene. However, you and Anarchy’s top laner seem to be sticking to Ignite, why the preference?

Gamsu: I don’t really see it as, “What’s better than the other, Ignite or Smite?” I think you just use them differently depending on your preference and playstyle. I tend to prefer Ignite.

What were your thoughts on Incarnati0n and his debut in the LCS?

Gamsu: It’s only been week 1 and we’ve only seen him play Kog’maw so I think we’re going to have to wait to see more of him.

What are your thoughts on the current top lane meta and the reemergence of Gnar as a top tier laner?

Gamsu: I always like new changes so I’m not really happy about Gnar’s return, but I’m still used to playing him and he’s a champion I like, so it makes it easier to play him.

Finally, what went through your head today when you stole Dragon from C9 with the Boomerang?

Gamsu: When I saw how far the enemy jungler was from the dragon, I thought, ‘This is mine.’ As soon as I threw the Boomerang, I immediately switched my screen to the lane, walked away, and let out a cheer, just as expected.

Thank you for the interview, do you have anyone you’d like to thank?

Gamsu: It’s early in the morning or late at night in Korean time, so I would like to thank my family for always watching the matches and cheering for me. In addition I'd like to thank our sponsors Corsair Gaming, Alienware, Western Digital, Scan, Twitch, iiyama, TP-Link, and Intel.

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Interview with Gamsu: "I think the players that hit rank 1 in Korean solo queue are amazing."
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