Meet The New Team Dignitas LoL: Interview with our Support, KiWiKiD

Roscoey had a chat with the Support of our LoL roster about the restful offseason and more.


Alan "KiWiKiD" Nguyen has officially rejoined Team Dignitas' NA LCS team for Spring Split 2015. KiWiKiD has had a long history with Team Dignitas with him joining in 2012 as a top laner. However, 364 days later KiWiKiD became a support player. He is currently the longest serving Team Dignitas member on the LoL roster.

Robert "Roscoe" Wery had a chat with the veteran of Team Dignitas about the restful offseason, his opinion on the new roster and how re-building rosters can be beneficial to all scened of League of Legends.

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Hey guys, Roscoe here with the one and only KiWiKiD. I can finally officially say welcome back for the spring split. How have you been since we last talked?

KiWiKiD: I'm good, just hanging out with my boy Thomas for a while. He's been here actually for a good amount of time. I've been referencing him on my stream as 'Bobby' before the announcement. I think people figured it out, it's been pretty funny. Uh, but I really enjoyed duo'ing with him and hanging out with Ram of course too, so kinda just chilling around here but yeah, lots and lots of solo queue and I had a really nice off-season as well. I went to Twitchcon then hung out with family in Austin and then I actually went to Canada to visit a friend so pretty good.

How are you feeling about the roster? Because we've got yourself as support down there with Apollo as well as smittyj as top, Kirei (Thomas) the jungler and then Shphtur back at mid. How's it looking for you?

KiWiKiD: I think our roster looks awesome, I think it actually looks so good I'll probably quit if we don't go really far. Like, I've spent so much time on this team already and I feel so bad just keeping people behind. I also have some games where I don't perform really well and it's fine to acknowledge that on my side, in my opinion, so it's really no problem. Like I just really want a roster where it's like no doubt on the one putting everybody behind.

You want no doubt that you're the one?

KiWiKiD: Yeah, I want no doubt with a good roster that if we don't go that far it's my fault, so we'll see.

It's that same kind of solo-queue mentality where you'll always look to yourself to go 'oh I could've done that better' because you have that mentality to always try and better yourself. That's a good positive mentality. Can you see any differences in the preperation in comparison to last year or perhaps to the roster in general. What are the differences between this year and the last?

KiWiKiD: Well, it's kinda hard to say because we haven't scrimmed yet, but we already have 3 people on the support group as opposed to just 1 - the coach, so I think having more people will be interesting as long as the players are kind of receptive to that and I just hope we have a good solid foundation and a structure (everybody waking up on time etc). I don't really like when people are late to scrims etc, so I think we'll be good.

Last year we brought in two new players and switched Crumbz around to captain and so. Do you think this is also another rebuilding scenario?

KiWiKiD: Yeah this sort of is like a rebuild for sure, but it's like the people we're getting on our new roster are proven already so I don't think it's too risky for sure. We're just kinda winging it, we've got a solid group of people and we're gonna fight for our life - that's pretty much it.

Just talking specifically about you and Apollo, how do you do together?

KiWiKiD: Well, we actually used to play on the same DotA team together like in 7th grade. Yeah, like 10 years ago. It's kind of funny, kind of canny so maybe we already have the synergy... so yeah, we'll see. I've duo'd with him before and it's gone good, I wouldn't say it's gone godly but I was totally fine with Apollo joining the team. Yeah, excited to play with him and the rest of the crew.

With all these different team spots for sale and roster changes, do you think that North America as a region will kind of go through a rebuilding phase? Just like how we as a team go through a rebuilding phase as well?

KiWiKiD: Yeah, I think all of this will help, definitely help people get on their feet - everyone kind of just needs to rebuild here and then.

Do you think it might actually be a really good thing to push through the wall we've been stuck behind?

KiWiKiD: I think it is, I think it's a good idea. I mean it really is just how people rate other people in their region. I think people just need to just do what they need to do pretty much and if that means looking upon other regions then I guess that's what it's about, pretty much.

We'll see how it goes. That's the thing right?

KiWiKiD: Yeah, just f*ck everybody [Laughs]. Yeah if you want to be like Coast, that's pretty much Coast!

Do you have any shoutouts, any kind of words you want to leave the viewers with?

KiWiKiD: I'd like to thank Team Dignitas and all our sponsors. Thanks to all the fans still supporting us, especially me. I know I have a lot to prove but I will know when my time is gone so yeah, don't worry.

Meet The New Team Dignitas LoL: Interview with our Support, KiWiKiD
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