Welcome Lucky as Super Smash Bros Melee Player

Lucky joins HugS on Team Dignitas' newest competitive squad


Following the addition of Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez to Team Dignitas, we're excited to welcome another veteran Super Smash Bros. Melee player to the mix

We're delighted to welcome Jose "Lucky" Aldama to Team Dignitas. Based out of Southern California, Lucky has played competitive SSBM since 2007. He has surpassed 150 tournaments played for Super Smash Bros Melee and a handful of Project M tournaments. Lucky has been Doubles partner to HugS across several tournaments and were teammates together on Selfless Gaming, former home of our CS:GO Women's team as well.

Lucky primarily plays as Fox and has emerged as one of the best on the bustling West Coast Melee scene. He also switches to Captain Falcon as a secondary option.

In the latest 2017 SSBMRank report, Lucky was ranked 17th in the world. In SoCal's Melee Power Rankings, he ranked 4th and also ranked 5th in the SoCal Project M Power Rankings.

Lucky has continually impressed at national events which include strong finishes at MLG Anaheim 2014 (9th or 325), EVO 2015 (13th of 3,284), GENESIS 4 (9th of 3,575) and EVO 2017 (5th of 6,799), among numerous other achievements.

Joined by HugS, Lucky will compete at the upcoming GENESIS 5 in Oakland, California (January 19-21). It will be the first event for both of our SSBM players.

Follow Lucky:

@Legend0fLucky on Twitter
/Legend0fLucky on Twitch

Stay tuned over the coming days for another big announcement about our competitive teams. For more updates, follow Team Dignitas on Twitterand Facebook.

Welcome Lucky as Super Smash Bros Melee Player
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