Piero Ramirez

  • Voted Most Underrated Player

    S7 - Chapter 2

  • Twitch Rivals



Piero “Pgod” Ramirez is a 21 year-old professional Fortnite player from Lima, Peru. He found Fortnite in early 2018 and quickly became regarded as one of the best aimers in the game. His flashy flicks and charismatic personality allowed him to rise to status as one of the top LATAM competitors, resulting in a one year exclusive streaming deal with Facebook in April of 2019. In his highly-anticipated return to Twitch, Pgod blossomed as both a competitive player and influencer, becoming one of North America’s best shotcallers while amassing millions of followers in the process. He grew his community to become one of the most supportive and engaged on Twitch, resulting in hundreds of fan pages, crazy support for his passion for fashion, and immense demand for IRL content. He was designated the title of most underrated player in Chapter 2, Season 7 given his leading of his team to multiple event victories and in February of 2022, Pgod was invited to his first invitational at Streamer Bowl III: Los Angeles. Paired with NFL player Marquise “Hollywood'' Brown, Pgod made history as the first LATAM player to win a major Twitch Rivals LAN event. With his expansion into variety content, his notoriety as one of the most consistent performers of all time, and his headlining of Twitch’s current Rivals event series the sky's the limit for Pgod and his future in the Esports space.

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