Rapid Fire: Throwing Multiple Grenades in a Short Period of Time

1 May 16



Rapid Fire: Throwing Multiple Grenades in a Short Period of Time

This guide will explain how you can throw grenades in quick succession, which can be critical in multiple different situations.


Have you ever watched professional players easily throw a multitude of grenades in a short period of time, but were wondering how they did it? As it turns out, it's quite simple!

All it takes is a couple of setting adjustments and some quick reflexes. Each time you throw a grenade, there's a small delay before you actually pull out your weapon. This happens because of the throwing animation, which can be canceled with the methods below.

Method 1

The Key Binds

If you don't already, you'll want to bind each of your grenades to a number key. Even though this might seem like something obvious, I've seen people still scrolling through their grenades, even at high ranks. You'll essentially want to use keys that are in a close cluster to your keyboard hand. A good example of this would be keys like "F", "C", "Z", or "X". Again, this all depends on the keys you already have bound to do different things.

All you need to do is go into your mouse settings, scroll down until you see the different grenades, and bind each of them to a desired key. Of course, if you also have a mouse with buttons on the side, such as a Corsair Scimitar, you could also bind those to use grenades, which would make your job even easier by allowing you to keep consistent movement since you would not need to use your keyboard hand to switch grenades.

Chaining Multiple Grenades Together

Now to the fun part. If you want to throw multiple grenades one after another in multiple succession, all you have to do is quickly press the assigned grenade key that we made above, right after the grenade leaves your hand. For example, say you're trying to grow a smoke and then a flash; you would throw the flash, then as soon as the flash leaves your hand, you press the hotkey for your smoke and throw that. To finish the combo, after you throw your last grenade in the chain, you'll want to use your quick switch key (by default, it should be "Q") to switch to your primary weapon as soon as the last grenade leaves your hand, thus cancelling the throw animation.

Chaining Flashes Together

The method above will work for all grenades except for flashbangs. If you attempt the method above when you're trying to double flash a place, you will find that there will still be a few seconds of delay between throws. To fix this, you will want to double tap Q as soon as you throw the first flash, which will quickly switch to your primary and then back to the second flash in your inventory. After this you will want to press Q once more to switch to your primary, and again, cancel the throw animation. Both of these methods can be seen in the video below by HattonGames.

<iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/jG4_QbestJg" width="425" height="350"></iframe>

2nd Method

Binding Knife and Grenades Together

Another, less known way to do this is by setting up a bind which pulls out your knife and then pulls out the desired grenade. This does the same thing as the command above except in this bind, pulling out the knife before the grenade cancels out the grenade animation much faster. Your knife will never actually come out since the bind uses the grenade command right after. The only downside to this is that if you run out of the desired grenade, you simply just pull out the knife so this is something that you will need to get used to in the long run. This works especially well when trying to throw 2 flashbangs in quick succession.

The bind looks something like this: "bind "key" use weapon_knife;use weapon_smokegrenade", without the quotation marks before bind and after grenade. To make it even easier on your hands, you could bind the CT incendiary grenade and the molotov by using "bind "key" use weapon_knife;use weapon_incgrenade;use weapon_molotov". The codes for each grenade are as follows: hegrenade (HE Grenade), flashbang (Flash Grenade), smokegrenade (Smoke Grenade), molotov (Molotov Cocktail), incgrenade (Incendiary Grenade), and decoy (Decoy Grenade).

When Should You Use This?

These methods should be used whenever you're rushing a bomb site and you need to blind the enemy quickly. Say you're rushing drop on Cobblestone and you want to double flash it. You wouldn't want to just stand there scrolling through your grenades and throwing them one by one, as in the time it takes to do that somebody could 'nade you or could simply boost up and kill you. Instead, if they're double flashed, they can't do much unless they get a lucky shot while flashed or somebody turns around right before the flash pops.


In conclusion, these are methods you want to use when you're in a bind. (Hey, puntastic!) Whenever the Ts are rushing or you need to get into somewhere fast, these methods will more than likely save your life and the round.

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