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Dreaz Talks Winter Major, Hopes for Spring Split

After a successful Winter Split that resulted in a Major spot, Dreaz talks about the present and future for the Dignitas Rocket League squad.

With the Winter Split in the rear-view mirror and the Spring Split quickly approaching, Dignitas hold their fate in their hands. With that, we were able to talk with Andres “Dreaz” Jordan about the team’s experience at the Winter Major, as well as what’s to come for the team this Spring.

Hey, Dreaz! Congratulations on a good performance in the Winter Split. You’re currently on a little break from RLCS, how are you spending your downtime?

Dreaz: Just taking a break mentally and from the game itself. Also just doing what I can to prepare for the next split! I don’t want to burn myself out.

Let’s talk a little bit about your new teammate, Evoh. What makes him work so well alongside you and Andy?

Dreaz: You know, I think heading into the split, we were looking for more firepower. I think people didn’t expect Evoh to play as well as he did, especially because it was his debut split. I think his creativity helped us make the run to the Major because it made us more unpredictable. It also helped that no one knew how he was going to play for his first split, so that helped us with beating some of the top teams and making that run.

And speaking of that, you did place above some very notable teams to qualify for the Winter Major. Do you feel like you cemented yourself as a team on the rise and that you now belong in that conversation?

Dreaz: Yeah, I don’t think people should sleep on us. That was our first split together, and we did well, but I think this split we could do even better. We know what challenges we faced in the first split, so for this split, we should be able to solve those problems.

What was the team mentality like heading into San Diego for the Major? And what were your expectations going in?

Dreaz: I think we went in with the mindset that whatever happens, happens. I don’t think we had any expectations to even make the Major, so we were very happy to be there. It was Evoh and Andy’s first Major, and I feel like that first one is mainly for experience. We just went in with no expectations and had fun!

As you said, it was Andy and Evoh’s first LAN, making you the only LAN veteran on the roster. Did you give any advice to your teammates about playing on LAN? And how was it being in front of the crowd again for you?

Dreaz: The advice I gave them was to try not to be too nervous. Even I still get nervous, but nerves play a big role in which team comes out on top at LAN. It really becomes anyone’s game if you can control the nerves. It’s fun playing in front of a crowd, though. If anything, you sometimes play better knowing that people are there supporting you. Especially when you score and hear the crowd go wild.

You did get placed in a pretty tough group, coming up against Team Falcons and Team Vitality, as well as Karmine Corp, who went on to win the event. These teams are also all outside of North America, making them new competition for you. What was it like preparing for these teams?

Dreaz: I think, heading into it, we already knew a little bit about how they would play. Europe has a certain playstyle where they play very slow, controlled, and smart. So, us knowing that kind of showed in the Karmine Corp series. We kept it pretty close with them until the last game. We tried to play a counter-attacking style, and I don’t think we were expected to play as well as we did. It’s very fun to play these teams, especially because you don’t get to often.

Unfortunately, none of the matches went your way, but did you feel like you were able to take something away from those games?

Dreaz: I think the main takeaway from those games is that the small mistakes are the ones that made us lose. Like I said, it was our first LAN as a team, and I don’t feel like we necessarily expected to make it out of groups. But, heading into Spring, we’ll clean it up and know what to do for the next one.

Let’s talk a little about the San Diego experience in general. How was it getting to be around fans and your fellow pros?

Dreaz: You know, it’s always cool getting to see people you’ve teamed with in the past, especially seeing them succeed still. Especially veterans like JKnaps. You also see all these people that you just play ranked with and scrim in person, it’s cool. It’s a different environment. And it’s great playing in front of fans as always!

Did you do anything fun in the city outside of the game?

Dreaz: Well, we did go get ice cream one day! I only live like a couple hours away though so once we went out, I ended up heading home.

Heading into Spring, you have some tough competition to make the next Major, and of course, Worlds. How are you guys preparing for this gauntlet and what’s your mentality like?

Dreaz: I think we’re taking our scrims very seriously to see what we can do to further improve ourselves. Heading in, knowing that we could make Worlds if we make the Major will put some pressure on us, but I think we’ll be able to withstand it.

Finally, where can people keep up with you?

Dreaz: You can keep up with me on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter!

Dignitas will be back in action for the first Regional Event of Spring starting on May 5th!

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