Best Crosshair and Video Settings from Xizt, the CS:GO Legend

Learn from the best of the best! Xizt is sharing all the details behind his in-game settings.


Are you a rifler in need of good Counter-Strike: Global Offensive crosshair and video settings? Richard "Xizt" Landström has you covered! The legend and member of the Dignitas CS:GO team shared all about his settings in the latest video of our "Play CSGO like a pro" series!

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Spike up the colors in NVIDIA settings, set your crosshair, let your CPU scale the display, and maybe you’ll learn how to play as good as Xizt! He says most of his settings have been the same for years, so they clearly work! All the details are in the video above.

In case you are looking for a quick summary, here are Xizt’s settings:

Windows sensitivity: 6/11 bars, no acceleration

Nvidia settings:

- Vertical sync off
- Maximum power option
- 80% vibrance
- Perform scaling on CPU

CSGO mouse settings:

- Mouse sensitivity 3.00
- Zoom sensitivity 1.00

- Classic static crosshair
- Crosshair style 4
- Crosshair size 3
- Crosshair thickness 0
- Crosshair gap -1
- Viewmodel recoil 0

CSGO video settings:

- Ratio 4:3
- Resolution 1024x768
- Brightness 80%
- Quality settings medium/low
- 4x MSAA anti-aliasing
- 4x anisotropic filtering mode

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Best Crosshair and Video Settings from Xizt, the CS:GO Legend
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