DIG Heroes re-signs for 2017; Zaelia to replace Athero

Today we are proud to announce to have re-signed our extremely successful Heroes of the Storm roster for 2017!


Today we are proud to announce to have re-signed our extremely successful Heroes of the Storm roster for 2017! Throughout the year, the team dominated the European scene, claiming four trophies at EU Regionals. We will be making one change from the lineup that competed at BlizzCon 2016 and the Gold Club World Championship in China.

We are very grateful to Lawrence "Athero" Harper for his time in Team Dignitas and agreeing to step in when the team lost a player only one month before the season's culmination. His efforts helped us reach a top four placement at BlizzCon, our highest finish at a global Heroes event in 2016. Athero is now a free agent, and everyone in the team wishes him the best of luck for his future career.

Joining the successful Team Dignitas Heroes of the Storm lineup is Kenn "Zaelia" Rasmussen. The 22-year old Dane has been turning heads in the professional scene all year, impressing his peers with top notch game mechanics. While Zaelia has played ranged assassin heroes on past teams, he has already proven to his new colleagues his ability to transfer and apply that mechanical skill to his new melee assassin role.

2017 will be an important year for the competitive development of Heroes of the Storm, with the introduction of a continuous and professional online league as well as monetary compensation for all pro players providing stability to the scene. Team Dignitas is proud to continue supporting and contributing to the growth of Heroes of the Storm.

Presenting the 2017 Team Dignitas Heroes of the Storm lineup:

Name: James Baker
ID: Bakery
Nationality: United Kingdom
Role: Support & Captain

Name: Joshua Bennett
ID: Snitch
Nationality: United Kingdom
Role: Flex

Name: Jérôme Trinh
Nationality:  France
Role: Warrior

Name: Thomas Cailleux
ID: Mene
Nationality:  France
Role: Ranged Assassin

Name: Kenn Rasmussen
ID: Zaelia
Nationality:  Denmark
Role: Melee Assassin

"First off, I'd like to thank Athero for coming out of a planned retirement to play with us, when we lost Alex just a month before Blizzcon. He had to swap to a new role at the same time as adjusting to a new team, and it was definitely not easy for him.

We've decided to make this change though because we believe that 2017 was a new beginning not just for Heroes of the Storm, as a game and an esport, but for us as well. We have and will remain committed to our goal of being the best team that we can be, and we saw something special in Zaelia. Mechanically he is one of the top players in the World, and he has the drive and attitude to back it up. I fully believe that despite the difficult situation he will be placed in, he will be able to rise to the challenge and become the world class player that we need.

Finally, a huge thanks to MepH and ODEE for all the support that they give us as a team, and we could not be more excited to continue representing Team Dignitas in 2017."
- James "Bakery" Baker, DIG Heroes team captain

DIG Heroes re-signs for 2017; Zaelia to replace Athero
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