DIG Heroes: Wubby out; AlexTheProG in

Read our reasoning behind our (at first glance) counter-intuitive move to change our successful Heroes of the Storm roster.


A Bold Move

It is not often that a winning team makes changes, but when they do, there has to be very good reasons to do so. Today our European Heroes of the Storm team is swapping out Jonathan 'Wubby' Gunnarsson for the ex-NaVi player and team captain Alexander 'AlexTheProG' Grumstrup.

... And Its Reasons

It is our declared goal to challenge the Asian Heroes world elite at the upcoming Summer Globals at Dreamhack Summer. Unfortunately since our Katowice victory, his team mates felt Wubby no longer shared their motivation and drive to reach this goal.

Having qualified for the Globals already, we are in the unique position that we don't HAVE to be victorious at Dreamhack Tours next weekend to succeed with our goals. While of course we still aim to take first place in France, we have decided to consider the big picture and sacrifice some short term certainty and confidence for the long term strength of the team.

We firmly believe that with Alex in our ranks, we will be the best possible team in Sweden, and we hope our fans understand and support our decision.

Moving Forward

We have released Wubby from his contract, allowing him to join any team without fee. We want to again thank Wubby for his time in Team Dignitas and his contribution to our team's success!

At the same time, we are excited to work with Alex whose skill and undestanding of the game are widely recognized and respected. Please join us in welcoming him to the DIG family!

Team Dignitas Heroes of the Storm

James 'Bakery' Baker
Joshua 'Snitch' Bennett
Jérôme 'JayPL' Trinh
Thomas 'Mene' Cailleux
Alexander 'AlexTheProG' Grumstrup

DIG Heroes: Wubby out; AlexTheProG in
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