YOUNGBAE steps down from active SMITE roster

Our European SMITE team is making changes in the Hunter/ADC role.


The Summer Split of the SMITE Pro League is coming to a close and our European SMITE team is looking at a sixth place finish. While avoiding relegations this time, the team's ambitions have always been to be one of the very best.

In order to reach its goals, the team has decided that changes in the Hunter/ADC position are neccessary. As such, Aiman 'YOUNGBAE' Azmir will be stepping down from the starting lineup. YOUNGBAE has enjoyed playing in the team environment less and less lately and it has shown in his motivation to play.

Our SMITE team is currently on the lookout for a suitable replacement in the Hunter role. We will use our coach Barn as stand-in for our last game of the Summer Split.

The active Team Dignitas SMITE roster:

 Harry 'Variety' Cumming
 Arkadiusz 'FrostiaK' Krupka
 Lewis 'ShadowNightmare' Farrell
 Oskar 'FrezzOO' Lasota

 Daniel 'Barn' Barnard (Coach)

YOUNGBAE steps down from active SMITE roster
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