Presenting the 2017 Team Dignitas SMITE roster

We are proud to announce our high-profile roster for the 2017 SMITE Pro League.


A new year, a new season in the SMITE Pro League, and a brand-new Team Dignitas! We are extremely excited to have signed five high-profile European SMITE players, and we can't wait for Season 4 of SPL to start to show you what we can do together.

Kenny 'Arkkyl' Kuska will be our French hunter who turned heads as the standout player on Sanguine Esports last season. Known for finding and winning hunter duels, his aggressive playstyle and supreme mechanical skills allow him take control of a game and secure victory.

Joining him in the duo lane in the support position is Danish veteran Jeppe 'Trixtank' Gylling. Together with the other half of the dynamic Danish duo, jungler Anders 'QvoFred' Korsbo, he has been dominating the European scene since the earliest SMITE competitions, winning the SMITE Launch Tournament in 2014. They continued to place first and second in Seasons 2 and 3, and even reached third/fourth place at the SMITE World Championship 2016.

Another veteran, Swede Joakim 'Zyrhoes' Verngren, will await our opposition in the mid lane. With SK Gaming and Fnatic, he attended the SMITE World Championship in both 2015 and 2016, reaching fourth place in the former. Last season, he returned to Worlds yet again in the coaching role for eventual world champions NRG Esports.

Last, but certainly not least, Harry 'Variety' Cumming returns to Team Dignitas as the solo laner. Following his year wearing our colors, he signed with Obey Alliance with which he not only came second at the European Championship last year, but moved on to become vice world champion! Despite the defeat in the grand final, fans and experts alike proclaimed him the MVP of that series.

To assist the team as coach, we have brought on board Australian Kurtis 'Biggy' Davidson. Having played for dominant Oceanic team Avant Garde at the 2016 World Championship, as well as coaching LG Dire Wolves at Worlds one year later, he has the experience and extensive game knowledge needed to guide Team Dignitas to victory.

Follow along with Team Dignitas’s SMITE team action by following us on Twitter, @TeamDignitas, where we will keep you up-to-date on the team’s appearances in SPL. Tweet at us and use the hashtag #DIGSMITE to let us know your thoughts on our brand-new SMITE team!

Presenting the 2017 Team Dignitas SMITE lineup:

Name: Kenny Kuska
ID: Arkkyl
Nationality:  France
Role: Hunter
Twitter: @Le_Arkkyl

Name: Jeppe Gylling
ID: Trixtank
Nationality:  Denmark
Role: Support
Twitter: @TrixtankGG

Name: Joakim Verngren
ID: Zyrhoes
Nationality:  Sweden
Role: Mid Lane
Twitter: @Zyrhoes

Name: Anders Korsbo
ID: QvoFred
Nationality:  Denmark
Role: Jungle
Twitter: @Qvofred

Name: Harry Cumming
ID: Variety
Nationality:  United Kingdom
Role: Solo Lane
Twitter: @Varietygg

Name: Kurtis Davidson
ID: Biggy
Nationality:  Australia
Role: Coach
Twitter: @Biggy_kol

"It's a great feeling being part of Team Dignitas once again, especially with the backing of the Sixers and the opportunities they can offer us. It's a feeling very few gamers get to experience; signing with one of the titans of the esports world and one which me and the team will take full advantage of. We hope to bring Dignitas to the top of not only Europe, but also the world and we will prove ourselves not just as individual players but as a team. Thankfully we, as a team, share the same goals and drive as the staff members and the owners of Team Dignitas who have got our backs in our bid to become SMITE World Champions."
- Harry 'Variety' Cumming, team captain

Presenting the 2017 Team Dignitas SMITE roster
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